New Amazon Deals For Video Games This Black Friday 2012 Week (Nov. 6-7)

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Another day, another set of updates for Amazon’s Black Friday 2012 weekly deals for video games. This time, giving you more exclusive offers on consoles and several discounted titles ready for your stroll.

Aside from the four console bundles listed last week getting $50 discount, the shop decides to add three more goodies on the mix.


Xbox 360 Console (4GB) Console with Kinect Sensor
Wireless Controller
Kinect Adventures Game + Disneyland Adventures Game
Price at $269 from $384 (30% discount)

Xbox 360 Console (250GB) Console
Forza 4 Essentials Edition + Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
+ 1 Month Xbox Live Bonus (Aside from the digital entertainment freebie below)
Price at $269 from $384 (30% discount)

Xbox 360 Console (250GB) Console with Kinect Sensor
Kinect Adventures Game + Kinect Sports Game + Dance Central 2 (download)
Price at $369.99 from $484 (24% discount)

Take note: Since these three items are all listed under Amazon’s Digital Entertainment Bundle, they’ll receive Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership + 5 digital arcade games + Amazon $10 Video Credit worth $80 given to you without any strings attached as long as you shipped the products from the retailer.

Interestingly, we also receive updates for new video game deals. Check our pick below.

Video Games (link)

FIFA Soccer 13 at $49.99 from $59.99
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes at $29.96 from $39.99
NBA 2K13 at $55.56
Fallout & Oblvion Double Pack (Xbox 360) at $9.87 from $19.99
Mario Kart DS at $27.50 from $39.99
Wii Sport Resort at $22.05 from $39.99
Silent Hill: Downpour at $16.14 (Xbox 360) & $24.99 (PS3)
Sonic Generations at $14.67 (PS3) & $16.37 (Xbox 360)
Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends at $12.80 from $39.99


PS3 Bluetooth Headset at $19.99 from $49.99
Playstation Eye at $19.23 from $39.99

Similar with any Amazon deal, the prices listed above are tentative and expect it to change depending on the day of your order.


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