New Facebook Dislike Button: Installs Malware / Trojan — Beware!

Posted on 19 May 2011 by author

If you’re one of the 500 million plus citizens of this world who has a Facebook account, it’s no secret that you have already received those spammy messages entitled as “Find out who viewed your profile” or the other variation is, “Use this new dislike button today”. Likewise, these messages are nothing more than spams and if you’ll click the link, there’s a good chance you’ll be redirected to a malware / Trojan infested page – and once you download their so-called “genie tool”, you’re toast!

Sadly, eventhough the blogosphere keeps reminding netizens not to fall for these traps, it appears there’s always a victim for this; driving spammers to take their scamming tactics to a higher notch!

Yes folks, a report today from Sophos reveals that a new breed of “Dislike Button” gimmicks now takes you to a page where it will feed you with a legit looking piece of JavaScript code, claimed to be the dislike button you’re looking for. Naturally, once you put the code on your website, that triggers the malware.

So far, no one knows the extent of the damage this will cause, but to save yourself from harm’s way, just simply ignore these messages flooding your Facebook account. Better solution? Blocked those specific users who are sending you these type of messages.


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