New Friendster Makeover and Logo: A Copycat?

Posted on 04 December 2009 by author

Ahh, the loong and forgotten friendster is now in for some major-haul! The problem is majority of the users, tech-critiques and including us don’t see that this makeover is something to be looking forward to. Let’s just say for example, Friendster is starting to turn into a monkey copycat of Facebook and Myspace all in one recoil of a slingshot. friendster new logo Don’t believe us? Check this supposedly ‘exciting’ video about the friendster-makeover plus plus. Burk!!

‘Nobody wants to hang in some place, plain and boring’

I bet their sales PR are poking another social-network, but what? Don’t tell me its Facebook? Geez! Their overall design isn’t even close not even 1/3. Not to mention they are starting infuse game-applications which is highly similar to Facebook. (click to zoom) friendster background friendster games shoutstream Not trying to sound mean, but as an old user of friendster for 6 gruelling years, its a little bit nauseating to see how the BIG Friendster who was the pioneer of all social-networking realm on this planet turns out be like this? We are saying this because Facebook at that time wasn’t even born yet. If you will look at the time-frame of all social-networking site that was created on 2003, BIG FS was the slinging gun-ho-gun at that time, Zuckerberg’s masterpiece Facebook which was first called Facemash was developed not until October 28, 2003. Nostalgia for the moment, alas that’s all history for now.

As for the friendster ‘ambition’ along with the tag-line ‘simple, fun and personal’ – Let’s just see how that one plays out. Obviously, Asia (the last bastion of friendster users) will embrace this update, they always do. However, still.. in some countries in Asia. Let’s say Philippines, netizens are starting to get bored with Friendster and began shifting to the facebook fever. The 2010 ranking of social-networking sites should be dang interesting!

It’s also worth adding that by 2008 a new CEO was appointed for Friendster. Richard Kimber, who was known to be successful on leading and managing the south asia portion for strategic business and partnership for Google. However, it seems even with Kimber on the throne, it will take more than than that to save the waning friendster traffic. Not even with a make-up, green leafy looking like-logo and a new video could bring-back the domination of Friendster almost a decade ago.


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  2. Susie (Reply) Posted on April 21st, 2010 at 2:40 am

    Wow, the new Friendster does look almost EXACTLY like Facebook. Creepy. I remember when I had a Friendster account … sometime forever ago.

    • pinoytutorial (Reply) Posted on April 21st, 2010 at 4:20 am

      Yes, it is.. shame to see how it ends up.


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