New GTA V Map Looks More Accurate Than CVG

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Creating a map out from scratch and pieces of screenshots is not a joke. It requires patience, collaboration and immense passion of completing it. Likewise, the situation for Grand Theft Auto V is the same as pundits try to unravel its mysterious map until Rockstar Games fully disclose it.

For the past three months, we’ve seen several fan-made maps. On each creation shows a commonality giving more credence the community is finally getting into the right direction. However, calling it as something “official” would be gibberish as these works are still speculations. Unfortunately, we had a false leak last week claiming it was the official map and yet, it’s just an edited map by CVG colored in hues of blue matching the blueprint poster from GTA V’s special and collector’s edition.

Today, we have fido_le_muet of GTAF showing his version of the map. At a glance, you can already distinguish his work from CVG as its labels are more accurate, places of interest are well defined although you can see that it’s still incomplete above the Alamo sea. (Full resolution here).

Here’s a comparison with CVG’s latest map.


Basically, the map is like an even detailed version than the one created by GTAOwl; although the thing that’s missing with FLM’s map is the basis of how he managed to create it (e.g: screenshot representation).

As expected, the community approves the new map and is now gaining a lot of positive responses. Other users even calls it as “one of the most accurate map” created from the forum. But like we said above, all these are speculations until Rockstar Games reveal the official map.


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