New GTA V Screenshot From A PC Magazine (Different Angle)

Posted on 11 December 2012 by author

After trailer #2, we haven’t seen that much buzz from GTA V community other than theories and several speculations about the game’s exact release date and reveal on PC & Wii U.

Well, today, an interesting leak came from GTAForums as a collaborated work from players revealed this new screenshot wherein its genesis points out to PC Guru Magazine.

As far as we can tell, the screenshot is legit and the language is in Hungarian which fits the official site of the magazine. As tipped by r/GrandTheftAutoV, the shot was taken from a different angle and it matches the pictures previewed from GameInformer’s cover last month.

So what’s the significance? Well, the first thing that’s really obvious is not in the picture but with the gaming mag that supplied it ringing the word “PC”. While this may sound a little bit stretched, this shows another trail leading to the release of the mega sandbox title on PC – no need for any melodramatic petition.

Meanwhile, folks from reddit community are discussing the possibility of this screenshot as part of an in-game mission for Trevor especially when it was highlighted several times by Rockstar Games for the media to grab. And lastly, the shot also shows the realistic elements of the game including police vans with SWATS, perhaps on a higher wanted level.

What do you think?


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