New GTA V Screenshot From L.A Noire Box and Info

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It wasn’t too long before Rockstar Games revealed new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V during E3 and today, the community found another picture for the game but only this time, it was discovered through a pamphlet of another title – L.A Noire.

Details are still scarce, but according to r/GrandTheftAutoV, some member from GTAF posted that picture above describing it as a new screenshot for GTA V which was found from “L.A Noire’s box” more like inside a promo card. This post also received a greenlight from one of the mods so it’s likely to be legit.

As of the moment, there’s no telling how many of these promo cards will be unveiled together with L.A Noire but considering it’s just three months to go before GTA V’s big unveil, we can consider this as a form of marketing.

On the other hand, fans also found a new info posted by GameSpot that says “In GTA V, police will use advanced driving tactics or seek higher ground for better visibility to take you down while on foot”. This refers to police’s new A.I making the game more challenging. Likewise, this is the first time we heard such info after all the previews we heard.

Expect Grand Theft Auto V on PS3, Xbox 360 on September 17.


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