New iPhone 5 Specs With 4-inch Display and iPad 4 Inside The Rumor Loop

Posted on 29 November 2011 by author

We’re not even past two months since the inception of iPhone 4S and here we are, hearing those rumor-mills again for the iPhone 5.

For today’s tale, macotara.jp – the same site that manage to mention several factual details of the iPhone 4S earlier this year – reported that Hitachi and Sony are the two companies tagging up with Big A to supply components for an unspecified device that needs 4-inch LCD display.

Obviously, unless Apple plans to release a new breed of device aside from iPhone or iPod Touch next year, these LCD panels will be used for the production of iPhone 5.

For those who are unaware, an iPhone with a display bigger than 3.5-inch was already reported several times, months before the release of iPhone 4S. Included to that mumbo jumbo are those claims it’ll receive a new multitouch gesture and the removal of its home button replacing it with a capacitive key.

Going back to the discussion, the same Japanese site also mention Apple is planning to partner with an unspecified Taiwanese company to provide “LCD technology faces” in the production of iPad 4 which will obviously arrive after iPad 3 rumored to hit on the first quarter of next year.

Similar with any Apple rumors, we recommend everyone to read them for pleasure only but don’t take them too seriously until you hear it from the horse’s mouth.


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