New Xbox With Six-Core CPU and “Dual-GPU” From AMD (Rumor Analysis)

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Its Monday! And what better way to start the week than to reveal some insider report claiming the announcement of the next-gen Xbox (more popularly known as Xbox 720) will be veiled by Microsoft as early as CES 2012?

Next-generation Xbox Announcement on January 2012?

Just to be more specific, this news came from a French-based site in which its source came from “very close” individuals who are linked with the Redmonian company. The bomb? Aside from its expected partial announcement on the upcoming Consumer Electronic show happening on January 10-12, Xboxygen did confirm the new xbox will use a hexa-core type of CPU with 2GB DDR3 Memory and a prototype dual-GPU from AMD.

The interesting part here is, it’s said the company has already been working on this project ever since 2005 which was the same year when Xbox 360 had its first launch. This news is connected with last week’s report that “Loop” division will handle Xbox 720’s software parts while a division called “Infinity” will be tasked for its hardware. As reiterated by the site, MS will only reveal tidbits of the new console this CES and will tackle more about its hardware parts – a move similar with Nintendo’s Wii U announcement earlier this year.


If you’ve been following the news for Xbox’s next-gen kin, you can see there are two stories behind it. One is this console going to be announced as early as next year but will only have its shipping date by the end of 2012. Its specifications will be high-end claimed to be powered by an ARM CPU (processor commonly used for netbooks and tablets) or a six-core processor along with added support for Windows 9.

The other story was the one we heard earlier this year which claims there’ll be no Xbox hardware upgrade until we hit 2015 which is really absurd considering some game developers are already showing their opinions why the old Xbox may not be able to support their future titles soon.


As the French site hinted, in case Microsoft did really reveal any clues for Xbox’s next hardware update on CES, this will put the pressure on the side of Sony to reveal something soon for its customers. If you’ll analyze Xbox 720′s rumored specs, a six-core CPU may be more powerful than any ARM processor today. Actually, its first models are now out for desktop courtesy of Intel. However, the interesting tidbit was the one given for its GPU which will be branded by AMD along with a “dual” sauce – perhaps, its build will be an upgraded version of AMD Trinity.

Likewise, everything we have for today are still speculations and we expect there’ll be some discrepancy with the specs we’re hearing today with the unit’s actual innards when it gets a proper launch in the near future. Remember what happened to Wii 2 a.k.a Project Cafe?

Likewise, we would like to ask everyone do you think a six-core type of CPU with dual-GPU will be enough for Xbox 720? Show your comments below.


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  1. yaseen00 (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 2:31 am

    Yes, it is more than enough. 3-4 more times more powerful is reasonable considering the price point it needs to target.

  2. keysy (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 3:52 am

    No way doesn’t make sense, why would you release a system that is essentially still a 360, you would give away everything you have accomplished so far this gen and kill yourself next gen. Think of it like this Sony has games that are coming on the current gen that people are still waiting to play. Ms really doesnt it look grim. so you have redirected competition from Sony to the Wii u. Most developers arent doing anything special with the WII U just ports.So basically the system will still compete with current gen systems. while allowing Sony to take 2 more years to come out with a system 2 times as powerful when developers are starting to look to really push the systems. MS would kill themselves. I personally dont see why anyone would buy a new system to play call of duty. not even two years ago publishers were calling for sony to sell more systems so they upped their profit margin. now you want to separate that market again. yeah right fat chance. your looking at the next sea Saturn in the making. Oh yeah last thing so this system is gonna cost how much?? it better be 300 or less because xbox with kinect is about 300.

  3. lazyassgamer (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 4:10 am

    Makes sense, it is about time.

  4. Crystalchild (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 5:26 am

    I think 2GB RAM is bullshit. (If true) while the OS sure will take less of it than .. well, Windows (Or Mac Os), texture resolution will be a huge part of the next gen (and was the weakest point this gen), so they should aim for 3GB at least, better are 4GB.

    I understand that they need to stay on a reasonable price point, but memory of any kind will be very important.

  5. Andy Ortiz (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Yeah that should be plenty if they have enough ram if not then the memory limitations will just be a bottle neck, both consoles need at least one full gig two would be best though

  6. iLoggie (Reply) Posted on November 16th, 2011 at 9:42 am

    You say “If you’ll analyze Xbox 720′s rumored specs, a six-core CPU may be more powerful than any ARM processor today. Actually, its first models are now out for desktop courtesy of Intel. ”
    But AMD do octa-core cpu’s.

  7. Gamer (Reply) Posted on November 17th, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Why are consoles and phones today more powerful than my laptop?! Are these Gaming platforms today specifically designed to cater for the COD needs? Yes those games are fun but the more realistic a game gets the more people would stay on their couch.
    I’m not saying that gaming is bad. What I’m saying is that you not moving a muscle is cruelty to your own body.


Sensible comments/suggestions are always appreciated.