Newegg Black November 2013: GTA IV, Max Payne 3, L.A Noire Up To 76% Discount

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Newegg is slowly churning up its deals for Black November (store’s month-wide sale for November). For today’s flavor, we were just informed that it’s offering up to 76% discounts from past Rockstar Game titles through an online game code.


Video Games (link)

L.A Noire at $6

L.A Noire Complete Edition at $9

GTA: Episodes From Liberty City at $6

GTA IV (Original Version) at $6

GTA IV: Complete Edition at $9

GTA: Vice City at $3

Max Payne 2 at $3

GTA: San Andreas at $4.5

Max Payne 3 at $6

Max Payne Bundle (1 & 2) at $4.5

GTA 3 at $3

Bully: Scholarship Edition + Midnight Club 2 Bundle at $5.99

Midnight Club2 at $3.4

Bully: Scholarship Edition at $5.10

And a bunch of DLC packs for Max Payne 3 on this page.

If you are thinking these are the cheapest offers for Rockstar titles right now, your guess is correct. No word from Amazon if it’s willing to price-match all these items. Just a reminder after purchasing, you’ll receive the online code in your email which you can redeem to play the game on your hardware.

Since this is a dealer’s page, we were also notified that Shin Megami Tensei IV for 3DS is now for sale at $36.99. For fans of the series, this might be a good time to get the product before Black Friday.


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