Newegg Black November Sale: Get $10 G.C On Pre-Order, Include 2014 PS4 Games

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Frequent shoppers of Newegg understand the e-tailer celebrates Black Friday the whole month through its “Black November” promo giving away bunch of deals for online shoppers reaching its peak on Thanksgiving.

As of today, we are notified that Newegg is having a 2-day promotion giving $10 gift card for those who will pre-order games starting today until November 15 (11:59 PT). Link here.


Video Games (Note: Next-Gen Titles at $60, Skylanders SWAP Force at $75)


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

NBA Live 14 Xbox One Video Games EA

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns

Wii Fit U Wii U Games Nintendo

UFC (PS4 and Xbox One)

FIFA 14 (Xbox One)

NBA Live 14 (PS4)

Thief (PS4)

South Park: The Game (PS3 and Xbox 360)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)

Prey 2 (Xbox 360)

Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox 360)

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack (Xbox One)


The real value of this deal is the opportunity to pre-order some next-gen titles that will only be released until Q2 2014 like Kingdom Hearts, Thief and UFC, as early as today. Interestingly, if you’ll pre-order two titles, you can already use the $10 gift card so your final checkout would be $110 only, cheaper than what Amazon offers. Of course, you also received another $10 gift card on your second item which can be used on future purchases in Newegg.


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