Nexus One Sucks: Top Reason Why Google Phone Sucks?

Posted on 11 January 2010 by author

First and foremost, the purpose of this article is not to settle a dispute or make the fanboys angry. This is about being non-biased non-judgmental and being 100% fair with the Nexus One Flaws.


Ahh, just kidding! What was mentioned above was just pure BS. You as the reader should realize why the title of this article has the 3 words which ends on “sucks” – Meaning this post will be all about the disadvantages of the ‘superphone’ the glitches/errors upon using it by real users who are now whining/b*tching/complaining on the google support forums.

Giving Nexus One a fair headstart of 6 days from the time it was first publicized is iThink what you call ‘fair’ –Now, its time to rip it off! Keep in mind that this article will continue to be updated when another ‘nexus one // google phone sucks’ tip arrives to our email.

Since our review with the nexus one from the day it was rumored, that day it became on a beautified steroids, and the day it was unveiled to the public — We kept hearing fanboys and non-fanboys having a tiresome debacle on which is which. It seems even giving this Matchup review won’t even give the final remedy for these guys. So we decided to create this one long post summarizing so far the reasons why nexus one SUCKS..


Okay’ I’m just repeating the word suck here, so without furthermore ado, let’s get it on!

Nexus One Mobile Plan Sucks

tmobile sucks

If you think the 530 USD unsubsidized / 180 USD tied with a 2 year-contract with Tmo was the best in the west plan, then think again. Little did you know that when you pick the locked plan with Tmo then it means you’re also obliged to get their 500 minute plan. You can’t choose any plan lower for this one.

Furthermore, if you are using your old 400 old minute plan, you can’t just upgrade it to a 500 plan, you need to buy it from scratch (so far). Well if you don’t like the locked deal, Google’s answer for this one is “Buy our unlocked version for “ONLY” 530 USD”. *take note of the quotation*

Sidenote: There are also some unofficial, unconfirmed yet inevitable rumors ‘roaming’ around… that nexus one is just a part of a sequel of nexuses models. Which begs the question, “When will the second model be unveiled?” and “Will that make the price of the old model drop too?”. The last thing users would like to happen is to see their superphone worth $500+ plummets to half of its price just after a few months. Oups!

A superphone without MultiTouch?

nexus one multitouch

If you have been using iPhone/iPod Touch since the day it was born then you’ve probably been honed on that two-finger zooming /pinching of the screen. But not for Nexus One – I know this is an old news but for the sake of refreshing it. This lack is just a software insufficiency as implied by the android chieftain “Andy Rubin”. Although, there are no reports when it’ll be officially be available for download on the nexus one website. On a teaser interview smited to him:

“You call this a superphone — 3.7-inch capacitive display, but no keyboard and no multitouch. Yet it has multitouch outside the US. Why not America?”

Andy’s reply:

“It’s not an America versus outside America kind of thing. It’s a decision that is a result of the OEM model. I personally don’t like two-handed operations… there is no conspiracy.”

Hilariously, European HTC nexus one models had the multitouch feature already installed. But why? I guess that’s what you called ‘preference’ as Mr. Rubin’s answered. Definitely, his ‘own’ preference only.

Wallpaper glitch, Touch sensor ‘insensitivity’ etc.

If you’re one of the users who bought nexus one on its debut then you probably experience the error once you change your ‘live wallpapers’ from time to time. Also, the response time of the home of nexus one is somewhat ‘insensitive’ and you need to do some magical finger gesture just for it to work all the time.


I don’t know about you, but I’ll be so pissed if I found out that this insensitivity issue will happen whenever I want to go back with that favorite window that I’m browsing.

You gotta see this video:

Nexus One TouchScreen Performance Got Served?

Wondering why you’re nexus one has a tendency not to flow smoothly unlike your ‘old’ iphone device which does flawlessly? Don’t fret, you’re not the only person who’s having this question. A recent ‘geek’ experiment was made by moto labs to answer these queries and the results speak for themselves.


Here’s the excerpt of the review:

The iPhone’s touch sensor showed the most linear tracking with the least amount of stair-stepping. The Droid Eris and Nexus One tied for second with only faint wiggling – but actually performed best at the edge of the screen. Last in the line-up was the Motorola Droid, which demonstrated significant wavy artifacts or “stair-stepping.”

The 3G Switching Problems (Jan 9)

Perhaps you’re one of the people who’s jiving with the ‘oh so many’ complaints piled on google support forums about the strange error about the 3G switching/connection of Nexus One. No? Then just read the errors below so you can prep-up when ‘that’ arrives again.

Problem: It appears majority of the users have a hindrance on switching their Nexus One to 3G or it doesn’t switch at all. While some constantly receives switching of their Nexus unit to 3G to EDGE simultaneously. To extend the glitch, other users posted that in some spot 3G coverage seems to be excellent while it yields the opposite on some area

Hopefully, this glitch is totally fixed now.

Voice Recognition Doesn’t Recognize Some of Your Voice?

voice app

Forget the grandeus, heart-accelerating speech about the Voice to Speech native feature of Nexus One. Seriously, what’s your take? I mean, yes we all know that it has voice-cancellation via its dual microphone and all of that enchilada, but have you really tried to do voice-to-speech on public and use it to replace you text? Chances are you’ve fallen onto these categories.

1) Yes it recognizes your voice, but when it comes to hyphens, periods. It trips.

2) Still doesn’t answer the URL issue – Have you tried to use it while stating a URL? C’mon try it! :)

3) Language barrier – N1 being released to be embrace by the whole world should have a far more advance features to understand international languages. So far, if you’re feeling french-y, italian-y, spanish.. etc, this won’t work.

Seriously, its performance is just at par with what your old ‘iPhone voice-to-text app’ can do. The only difference here is that with N1.. you have it on-the-box while the latter obliges you to spend some minutes browsing the app store and installing it for free. (ah yes it’s really hard to do! *sarcastic*)

Nexus One’s Music Store is still ‘baby’ compare to iTunes

music app

Ah yes, the iPhone does, iPhone doesn’t routine. But let’s hear some facts, shall we? If you still don’t have any idea how big the iTunes store really is then this excerpt is for you.

On January 6, 2009, Phil Schiller announced in his Macworld 2009 keynote speech that over 6 billion songs had been downloaded since the service first launched on April 28, 2003. Which makes it the largest online music store in the world.

Not only that, iTunes has all the music-bonanza features; Features that are still leagues ahead compare with the music store of Android.

The Apple App store is still the king

Well, we know that Android is finding its way to have more apps too – Now reaching 16k Apps vs the 100k Apps of Apple.

Now, you may also heard about the rumors that the Android’s app store has the ‘quality not the quantity’ factor against its main rival the Apple app store which is getting the ‘low quality, high quantity’ type of apps. My take? Probably at some point there’s a fact with that story – That is, if you’ll only look at android app’s ratio. But you can’t also deny that Apple’s App store is the king and even how you try calculate it, invert the picture, do some hocus-pocus the amount of quality (‘I’m talking about the count) of Apple is far bigger than what Android has.

android store

Simple Math: 80% of 20k is 16k and 30% of 100K is 30k – Even there are 70% rotten apps in the apple app store. there will still be that remaining 30% cream of the crop, which is still way bigger than the whole totality of the current Android App store.

iDon’t know if this has been said to you– That to beat iPhone or to have a real iPhone killer is to find a phone wherein it can beat the Apple App store first. You see, Mr. Job’s Apple squadron had already foreseen that their iPhone, just like any other device, will rust (specs becoming obsolete) – What’s hot today may already be cold tomorrow. So the thing that you need in order for a phone to dominate is to have a repetitive update that’s impervious to ‘rusting’. Ladies and gentlemen the answer is the App store.

apple app store

Needless to say this is the sole reason why Apple is dominating and still being used by millions worldwide. The reason why since its release on 2007, iPhone literally killed all the competition, I’m talking about the domination of Nokia for the past several years. Apple brought up the ideology that with mobile “It has never been just about the specs”. Goog know’s this, that’s why the Android app store has been developed to at least defuse the exploding domination of Apple.

Be the judge, if it can catch up. Remember 2 weeks from now and Apple will have another statement about their “iSlate Tablet” and their 4th generation update for the iPhone. Don’t sleep yet, this nexus one fad could just be a thing of the yesterday’s news.


Just roughly a week after the official release of N1 and we’ve already come up with so many reasons why it SUCKS. In the end, it will be up to your taking and personal preferences if you’re still going to buy this phone or wait for a couple of months until you see how the price of this phone plummets and see some unearthly reviews from unsatisfied customers as well – so you can have it without hurting your wallet at least.

Nexus One has the ‘super-specs’ that will beat iPhone 3GS at a glance. We had covered it up even weeks before its official release. The Camera, the processor. etc, also it’s not dependent to one carrier only — Another advantage against the iPhone. Okay, I will stop now, remember this article is all about why nexus one sucks. So just read our past reviews about nexus one. Oki?

Nexus One may be ahead of the specs, but its android store still looks like a baby compare to the well-established, fully-monetize, and highly-utilized Apple App store. If you have been using iPhone for 2 years now and then you have a change of heart to switch to Nexus One, perhaps you will feel a ‘jetlag’ making you want to go back with your ‘old’ iPhone.

For now, its hard to predict whether if Goog’s phone can outwit, outplay, outsmart iPhone or not. But for now savor the current reasons why Nexus One sucks. I think this is the reason why you’re still reading this article up to this portion, right? Gotcha!

(Don’t forget to email us whenever you feel your Nexus One sucks again)

Jan 12, 2009 Updates:

Since we started this “nexus one sucks” article – a lot of tension/enlightenment was build and was resonated through the comments section and emails suggesting us this and that. I must say at these times, its best to separate the wheat from the chaff and that’s why the comment box below yields little response out from the uber count of spammy messages we received particularly from users expressing their remorse regret about the Nexus One and of course to the iPhone kind as well (the other side of the coin)

Again we suggest that you read the first paragraph of this post before you head on absorbing all the facts from this article. The purpose of this report is to explain (not exploit) all the disadvantages of Nexus One that you (as a user/ future buyer) may want to look at. If you want to hear, its ‘brightside’ and all the nexus one rainbow bubble then feel free to type in the ‘nexus one’ on the pinoytutorial search bar.

After scrutinizing the tips we receive from our email, these 2 ‘suck’ tips remained supreme! So here goes your update for this day.

T-Mobile Plan Sucks Part 2 (And Google too?)

Yep part 2 folks — If you think the 500 minute plan of Tmo already sucks then I guess you need to glance at this one.

Today, there seems to be some sort of perplexing news regarding the ETF (Early termination Fee) with the Nexus phone. All the while we thought that Tmo is the only one subjecting an ETF of 200 USD to the superphone then it turns out that Google will let users pay for an ETF too?

google sucks

Here’s the excerpt: (Here’s the full findings of PC World)

Please note that the Equipment Recovery Fee is imposed by Google and not your chosen carrier and is in addition to any early termination fees that may be charged by your chosen carrier in connection with termination of your wireless plan prior to fulfillment of your chosen carrier’s service agreement term.

Implications: So after the 14-day period (30 days in calif) and should you decide to cancel your contract before the 120 day period ends — then you are also obligated to pay an ETF Fee for BIG G aside from the ones that you already paid with Tmo.

Simple Calculation: So if you bought Nexus One subsidized and decide to cut your contract with Tmo… automatically you will pay a 200 USD (fair enough) But lo! You will also need to pay 350 USD to Google (BIG G will charge the difference between the subsidized cost of the phone and its full price meaning 530 – 179 = 350 + some cents remaining )

Total cost for your Nexus One Locked? $179 (Subsidized price) + 200 USD ETF Fee for Tmo + 350 ETF Mysterious ETF Fee for Goog as well, bringing you a whopping total of almost 730 dollars! Isn’t this news great or what? (*Sarcastic*)

Google’s statement for this baffling findings is still MIA so I suggest for the meantime you think thrice before buying this superphone subsidized. You would not want to be the person being entangled with google’s “super” plan, would you?

A WTF – Nexus One Review (Youtube)

Okay this one has just been uploaded later this day. This is about hmm? I don’t know… Bahh, just check it out.

Dumbness at its finest is all I can say. Anyway, I must say I did laugh with the face of this guy at least. Bravo amigo!

Thanks Jenny for the tip!

Keep sending us tips why nexus one sucks and we will update this article so to speak. Thank you.


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  1. SDC (Reply) Posted on April 25th, 2010 at 11:44 am

    BTW, Bob…

    I must apologize, I was wrong by underestimating how many commercial games were actually available for the Android. Still, I maintain (based on testing) most of these games are not nearly as stable or of the high quality when compared to their iPhone counterparts.

    In doing my ‘research’ I quickly ran out of memory on my Android (HTC Magic)… so I found that I had to delete many apps to continue this testing. Additionally, many either FC or could not run b/c I am locked into OS 1.5. I am locked in b/c like many, my provider is not doing an upgrade AND will not allow rooted phones (actually there is no root for my particular HTC with Sense UI).

    I was also very excited to learn that Google Earth was finally available…. but alas, it is only available for Nexus and OS 2.1.

    In stark contrast, my iPhone has plenty of memory for 100′s of apps, any commercial app run flawlessly, as a developer… I don’t concern myself with incompatibility with iPhones or iPOD touch devices

    AND Google Earth is available to ALL for over a year!

  2. bob (Reply) Posted on April 26th, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I don’t see how you can judge android gaming if your still on 1.5 since not many devs support 1.5 anymore but I will still agree the gaming on android is sub-par compared to the iphone (for now) and it’s not much better on the nexus even with all the hardware the best looking game Asphalt looks great but stutters out of control (Its a great start tho i look forward to more games of its caliber) Not sure what the problem is there since i’m not a game developer and i don’t know everything that goes into games so i don’t know if its gamelofts fault, android’s, HTC’s or a combination of all 3 but there is enough games that do work, work well and look great on my 3.7″ AMOLED screen so it doesn’t bother me all that much. Like I’ve mentioned before I use this as a phone and not a gaming device I have a xbox and a ps3 for that purpose but different strokes for different folks i guess. The games are just an added bonus to a great phone and only serve a purpose to ME for short periods of time while i’m out to just to kill time. The bonus of having root access with one command to ME far out weighs any game or app it tells me google listen’s to it’s users and gives advanced users freedom to use the phone to its full potential if they so choose i.e. pulling any apk even system apps from my phone changing icons or system images to my liking and pushing them back would be a good example of the freedom. As for the memory situation I will again concede it is a major problem from a developer standpoint cause only so many apps can fit on 256 or 512 MB’s but on the other hand from a user standpoint right now it’s not a big deal i have a 700MB linux ext-4 partition on my sd dedicated to apps and i’m nowhere near full with 170 apps installed and the apps2sd method has evolved greatly on custom roms for the nexus. Its applied in a totally new way by rom chef’s its alot safer and we now have a new option in settings to turn it off and on at our discretion AND we can move installed apps back and forth from internal to sd at will by going into settings applications finding the app a new button pops up that says move and when you click it it will move it to the opposite of where its currently installed so that gives you the extra internal memory to work with also if you run out of sd storage. For the fragmentation issue supposedly most magics (there is still no definitive word about the g1 due to its lack of memory but there is already custom 2.1 roms available) will be getting the 2.1 upgrade sometime this summer so whenever all the company’s get their shit together and update it shouldn’t be a problem anymore but what they really want is you to buy a 2.1 phone so they don’t have to update. As for the google earth thing that just proves my point that even google was waiting for the right hardware to bring it to android and it doesn’t do anything for me its basically google maps with the ability to move around in a 3D view not really a game changer if you ask me i’ve had google maps since rc29 on my g1 i really dont’ need to look around in 3D but i guess its cool to have. Their both great phones but IMO android is more user friendly with more customization options, the freedom to get administrative access (easily), better multi-tasking, custom roms i can turn my nexus into a desire (sense ui 2.1) or any other future android os that is compatible with the hardware because of the great developers that take the time out of their lives to port the roms over maybe i’m sipping the kool-aid a little too much but I’m sold on android its gonna take alot of innovation for me to buy any other kind of phone in the future but these are just my views to each its own.

  3. Avenged (Reply) Posted on April 27th, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    That’s right – nexus one can suckit. The iPhone and apple are far superior and will always remain so. I’ll stick with my iPhone if you don’t mind. Btw this article wins.

  4. SDC (Reply) Posted on April 28th, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Bob you redeemed yourself by your balanced reply. LOL. Kidding.

    >I don’t see how you can judge android gaming if your still on 1.5 since not many
    >devs support 1.5 anymore

    And that illustrates one of the major failings of Android. OS fragmentation affects both user experience and developers attempting to make their app work for everyone.

    This is clearly the fault of Google. It is silly to expect the hardware manufacturers to support each phone for more than a year. They are in the business of selling hardware! There is no profit in extending the life of a model with continuous software updates.

    >Asphalt looks great but stutters out of control

    There are many problems with the SDK, especially dealing with graphics. Also, contrary to what you said… multitasking on the Android is poorly done… what I mean is that too many background apps will cause the phone to slow down… to the point where the primary functions are affected. I have experienced this many times on my HTC Magic.

    >i have a 700MB linux ext-4 partition on my sd dedicated to apps and i’m nowhere near full with
    >170 apps installed and the apps2sd

    Well, that is all fine and good but keep in mind that this tool only works on a rooted phone and only works on OS 1.6 and higher. This means a majority of Android users will never have this feature and developers cannot design apps on the assumption that users will install this app.

    >IMO android is more user friendly

    Hmm.. that may be your opinion but that is not the consensus of the majority of users.

    >i’m sipping the kool-aid a little too much

    Maybe so… :-)

    But what is most important is that you are happy with it… it is rather irrelevant that others have a different opinion.

  5. Aaron (Reply) Posted on April 28th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    The only problem with this article is that it misses so many areas in which the Nexus One and Android in general sucks!

    - Poorly done multitasking, lifted from PocketPC 2000. This was a shock, considering how much people brag about the ability to multitask on Android. Like PPC2k, you need to rely on 3rd party task managers. webOS or a jailbroken iPhone do a much better job of multitasking.
    - UI is laggy, even on 1 GHz Snapdragon
    - Poor copy and paste support – you can’t copy from emails, most apps, etc. On the iPhone I was copying addresses, phone numbers, hostnames, IP addresses, passwords all the time. Crippling.
    - Copy and paste is a pain to use compared to iPhone or Newton OS (heh)
    - Spotty enterprise compatibility
    - Amazingly crappy battery life- 15% more mAh, 50% less usage!
    - Low overall app quality- there are some gems, but they are few and far between; most feel like bad shareware
    - Crappy games- again, some gems but lacks the array of well-done commercial games on the iPhone
    - Limited to 196 MB of Apps (still!)
    - Camera may be higher res, but app is crappy, color is off, and a really long lag wait before the photo is taken
    - Still no Flash (I love when Droid users claim the N1 or Droid have Flash)
    - N1′s multitouch sensor is crap
    - Android support for multitouch is crap
    - There will probably never be an RDP or VNC app as good as iTap :(
    - Flaky touch sensor
    - Did I mention that it takes 8 taps to kill an application?
    - Gallery application is flaky

    Unlike a lot of iPhone fan boys, I’m a Nexus One user. I’ve been only using an iPhone (3GS, 32GB) for the last 6 months, Recently had to send it in for replacement, which left me with a new, unjailbreakable 3GS. Still an excellent phone, but without a jailbreak it’s only half useful to me. Between this, the 3.3.1 change and the availability of the AT&T-compatible N1 I decided it was time to switch.

    The weird thing is… I plan to stick with the N1. Mostly because my current iPhone is unjailbreakable, the Android Scripting Environment, that I don’t need an Intel Mac to develop for it, and that I don’t need to sync with iTunes to add music to my library.

    What a lot of N1 vs iPhone articles ignore or gloss over is how much more Enterprise-friendly the iPhone is. Five minutes after getting my new iPhone I had the connection to Exchange working perfectly- push Email, Contacts, and Calendar. A week after getting the N1, I’m still trying to find an Exchange solution that doesn’t suck.

    • SAI (Reply) Posted on April 29th, 2010 at 11:25 am

      Wow your comment is based SORELY on YOUR experience. I have a Nexus One and have been using it for months now and I have to say, it’s AMAZING. I wouldn’t dream of going back to iPhone or iPod Touch!

      - Multitasking is flawless. Every App can be run in the background. Can your iPhone do that?

      - UI is laggy? I’m sorry but you have a 1 GHz processor. You’re definitely doing something wrong.

      - The iPhone beats Android in Copy and Paste? Really? Wasn’t there a whole fiasco about how Apple didn’t support copy and paste until OS 3 or something? At least Android had it out of the box. I don’t know what kind of problems you’re having with copy and paste but it doesn’t matter because I don’t bother with copy and paste anyways. Besides, wtf are you doing copying passwords? You shouldn’t be able to do that. You can’t do that in your computer….

      - Again with copy and paste. I’m sorry the Nexus One doesn’t have a dedicated copy and paste key for you. Jeez, they’re the same on both OS….to some extent.

      - Hmmm..Personally I don’t have a need for enterprise compatibility so I can’t say much. All I can say is that I believe the current version (2.1) or the next iteration (2.2) will support Exchange OOB. Although I could swear my phone supports Exchange right now…. :-/

      - Battery Life? My phone’s been good in this department. I don’t know what you do but I turn on 3G, WiFi, and GPS on only when I need it. Otherwise, I leave them off. It’s a smart move no matter what phone you have.

      - Low App Quality?!? HA! Please look again at the Market. There are some apps the even the App Store doesn’t have.

      - As for the games, read my previous bullet point.

      - Hmm…just a FYI, if you root your phone (similar to jailbreaking; which google makes it ridiculously easy to do), you can have what’s called apps2sd which installs applications onto your SD card.

      - I’m not going to say anything about the Camera. Never had a problem but I’m no expert on the colors or w/e. I like the camera. Good enough for me.

      - Really? You wanna bring Flash into this? If you’re talking about camera flash, then you’re retarded. The Nexus One has Flash camera. The iPhone doesn’t even have flash for the camera. If you’re talking about Adobe Flash, then you’re STILL retarded. Android Froyo (2.2) is going to support Flash 10.1 OOB. You can get Adobe Flash running right now on the Nexus One. The iPhone, however, will NEVER support Adobe Flash because Steve Jobs is a stubborn idiot.

      - Multitouch is fine for me. Not perfect, yes it’s known. Deal with it.

      - MT Support is getting better. Works for me. I don’t see what you’re complaining about.

      - Subjective. Don’t care enough to even start.

      - Stop reusing arguments you already made before. See 3 bullet points above.

      - Really? 8 taps? You sure? Hmm….then I must be confused. See I have a task manager on my home screen. One tap, its open. One more tap, everything is killed. Wanna kill something in particular? Open task manager. Hold on task. Kill. Done. Where’s the task manager on the iPhone?

      - That’s an argument? Really? *Facepalm*

      I don’t know why I bothered to respond to all your arguments. Your arguments just keep getting worse and worse as I read. I’m sorry but I don’t care if you plan to stick with the Nexus One, you provided arguments a Apple fanboy would provide and I just can’t stand for that kind of “logic”.

  6. SDC (Reply) Posted on April 29th, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Apple fanboy vs Android fanboy… I see little difference SAI.

    Please, we have been through this before. If you are going to state your case and claim x is better than y, back it up with facts.

    Making statements like:
    >- Low App Quality?!? HA! Please look again at the Market. There are some apps the even the
    >App Store doesn’t have.
    >- As for the games, read my previous bullet point.

    Come on, that is silly. Unless you are referring to porn apps, I doubt there are any Android apps that would make an iPhone owner envious! If there are, please…oh please list them out. Just five will satisfy my curiousity.

    And games… the situation is even worse. I am willing to bet money that there isn’t a game that works better on an Android. This is easy, because of their are a great deal of technical limitations in the SDK (even the latest 2.1) that make it unlikely to outperform the iPhone (even the 2G).

    >- Multitasking is flawless. Every App can be run in the background.
    >Can your iPhone do that?

    No, it is not. Even the Android team have stated that improvement is required. If you are trying to claim that you can run 3 mail apps, Google maps, rss newsreader, a few games AND still see no slow down you are not being honest. Good smart phone multi-tasking will intelligently decide what needs CPU cycles and always give priority to the primary phone functions. Android does not do this and iPhone 4.0 will do this. I doubt you’ll see intelligent multi-tasking on the Android for a long time.

    >- The iPhone beats Android in Copy and Paste?

    Perhaps it is better on an OS greater than 1.5 BUT as I mentioned earlier, OS fragmentation is one of the greatest flaws with Android and as long as it continues, will push away commercial app development.

    >- Hmm…just a FYI, if you root your phone (similar to jailbreaking; which
    >google makes it ridiculously easy to do), you can have what’s called apps2sd
    >which installs applications onto your SD card.

    See my earlier comment. Many carriers do not allow jailbreaking (unlike iPhone). Even still, it is pointless to discuss apps2sd b/c, is suspect, most Android owners will not have access to this app AND developers will never develop large-scale apps that take advantage of the extra memory storage offered by apps2sd.

    It is common to see large apps of around 120mb (i.e. GameLoft’s golf game) for the iPhone… you will NEVER see such sophisticated games available on the Android because it is impossible to fit them on the phone, while leaving adequate room for other apps.

    • SAI (Reply) Posted on April 29th, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      Fair enough. I did come out as an Android fanboy and I apologize.
      If you look at the Android Market, you can see that there are very good apps: Barcode Scanner, Astrid, Car Locator, CoursePro, DriveSafe.ly, Evernote, GameBoid, HomerunBattle3D….etc etc etc. How about something Android exclusive like Google Maps (free turn-by-turn navigation), Sniper Shot, 2 Player Reactor/4 Player Reactor, AirPainter, Android Roulette, 3d Gallery, FENNEC (FIREFOX BROWER), StatusNote, Astro, MortPlayer, GOOGLE VOICE, ColorNote.

      All the apps I listed are good and I like them. Yes some of them have iPhone counterparts but lets face it, all the developers that develop for the iPhone wouldn’t just develop solely on the iPhone; they’d want to sell it in as many marketplace as possible. All the big brand name company like EA and Gameloft have games in both App Store and Android Market.

      As for Multitasking goes, I don’t see the reason for 3 mail clients and more programs running at the same time but the most I have ever run was my music client, Google Maps GPS Nav, Program that reads out my texts, weather widget. I bet if I used RSS, I would be able to run it w/o any lag. Actually, right now my task manager ignores 3 applications so they run constantly in the background forever. Also….why would you run a few games in the background? *shrugs*. If you want to talk about Intelligent Multi-tasking, please don’t mention iPhone 4.0. It hasn’t come out yet. At least keep in mind that Froyo is going to be released (idk when, def after iPhone 4.0). Maybe they’ll make the multi-tasking better. I’ll agree with you, to some extent, about the “intelligent” multi-tasking.

      Can you please explain what you mean by OS fragmentation affecting copy and paste?

      I’m sorry but the iPhone allows Jailbreaking? I don’t think any company wants its phone to be hacked into…except maybe the Nexus One. The Nexus One can be rooted with literally ONE line in command prompt. It was rooted even before the actual device came out! It’s like Google wanted the phone to be rooted. Apple keeps patching the iPhone, removing all jailbreak. Personally I like Google’s approach better because they can just use ideas from rooted phones and incorporate them in later versions. Maybe Apps2SD would be supported eventually. Apple locks down their products so much that I’m getting the feeling that even if there was a huge great feature that a modder was able to get working on the iPhone, Apple would turn the other cheek.

  7. Aaron (Reply) Posted on April 29th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Problem is… I’m not an Apple fanboy. Since this is an article called “Nexus One Sucks,” I focused on stuff that sucked, not a review of the pro/con on both devices. That’s the unfortunate thing about minority groups online, many of their members exhibit a bit of Palestinian Syndrome, more focused on bringing down the enemy than the facts.

    - Copy and Paste: Sadly, there hasn’t been significant improvement since 1.5. There one thing added to my knowledge, the ability to copy the entire contents of a text message. Which means that you have to paste the entire message in an editor, select and copy the bit you need. Still no copy and paste in email or most apps with text- way behind the functionality of the iPhone.

    @SAI: Whose experience would I base it on- the promises of a fanbot trapped in a reality distortion field? You appear to assume that my experience with Android is limited to the N1 and Android 2.1.

    > it’s AMAZING

    Beware the mark of the fanboy!

    I’m going to skip a point for point reply, mostly because a number of your responses depend on rooting the phone. I haven’t rooted my N1 and likely won’t. Rooting voids your warranty in a visible way. You send it in, they see the “unlocked bootloader icon” on boot, and that’s it. The ironic thing is that since Apple doesn’t sanction jailbreaking/rooting they don’t have such protection- which means that you can still get warranty replacements for a jailbroken phone.

    Since you’re assuming a rooted N1, it’s fair to assume a jailbroken iPhone. If that’s the case, then some of your replies are invalid. If it’s not the case, and you’d like to compare a stock N1 and stock iPhone then other replies are invalid. Let me know which you’d prefer and I’ll answer some more points. For now, I’ll stick to the universally applied ones…

    - Copy and Paste: See my reply to SDC above. Indeed, the iPhone didn’t get copy and paste until OS 3.0, which came out June 2009. Unfortunately, we’re comparing today’s iPhone with today’s N1- when Android has universal copy and paste I’ll happily take it off my list of reasons the N1 Sucks.

    And yes, you can copy passwords out of emails and text files and paste them into text fields. On Windows, Linux, and OS X. If that blows your mind, just think of email addresses, hostnames, and IP addresses.

    - UI: Yup, animations are laggy. Similar kind of laggy as it is on the Droid, Eris, and Hero.

    - Exchange: Android 2.1 supports Exchange Email and Contacts OOB. But not Calendar. Since some of us have jobs, the poor support for Exchange remains as a reason that the N1 Sucks. I’ll be overjoyed if that changes in 2.2.

    - Apps: Yes, there are a bunch of apps that Android Market has that the App Store doesn’t. Some of them are even worth using! But that doesn’t negate the fact that app for app, quality and consistency is generally lower for Android apps. Don’t get me wrong, that could change sometime in the future- but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    - Flash: My point is, Android doesn’t have Flash yet. It isn’t an advantage until I can get it without voiding my warranty. You’re right- the iPhone will likely never have Flash.

    - Multitouch: Given your argument, you should’ve stuck with the iPhone. You see a lot of iPhone fanboys using similar arguments when folks complain about the iPhone, distilled as “it’s fine for me. not perfect, yes it’s known. deal with it.”

    - Battery Life: OK, maybe I should have said that the N1 has poor battery life compared to the iPhone. Unless I’m low on battery, I’ve always left 3G and GPS on on my iPhone. The N1 may last longer if I turned off 3G, Wifi, and GPS but still not as long as an iPhone with 3G, Wifi, and GPS turned off. Probably one of the few areas negatively impacted by the leave-everything-running multitasking model of Android.

    I did see an improvement in battery life after reading that the camera wastes a lot of juice, even as a background app- but it’s a royal pain in the ass to manually kill Camera after every photo taken. That is sad.

    I realized I left one of the things that suck about the N1 out… The screen! Not entirely, the AMOLED screen looks great indoors or in the dark, colors are nice, etc. But it’s next to impossible to use outside in bright sunlight, even with the screen brightness turned up to max. I’ve done a lot of geocaching with my iPhone- it’s hard to say if the poor visibility of the N1′s screen will cut it for this. It’d be a bummer, because c:geo is a pretty nice geocaching app that does what I need.

  8. bob (Reply) Posted on April 30th, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Problem is… I’m not an Apple fanboy. Since this is an article called “Nexus One Sucks,” I focused on stuff that sucked, not a review of the pro/con on both devices. That’s the unfortunate thing about minority groups online, many of their members exhibit a bit of Palestinian Syndrome, more focused on bringing down the enemy than the facts.

    You may not be a fanboy but you may have some of that Palestinian Syndrome as well, most of the points you make in this article have been addressed already and some are just your personal opinion. Multi-touch, Live walls, are fixed and I don’t see how a carrier counts as a bullet point to a phone that can be purchased sim unlocked and that experience varies depending on your geographical location but whatever its your world we just live here. I love tmobile i’ve had every company from verizon to us cellular and they by far have the best customer service and I get a good signal in my surrounding area including hsdpa its no verizon but I don’t like cdma and not having a sim card. Is att really that much better? I hear about dropped calls on att all the time i haven’t had them since before they merged with cingular so i can’t speak on their service. The appstore vs android market is an example of your opinion who’s to say which store is better just because you say the apps are better doesn’t mean everyone agrees. The music store is another not everyone buys into apple’s itunes to be honest I don’t know many ppl that even pay for music anymore.

    I’m going to skip a point for point reply, mostly because a number of your responses depend on rooting the phone. I haven’t rooted my N1 and likely won’t. Rooting voids your warranty in a visible way. You send it in, they see the “unlocked bootloader icon” on boot, and that’s it. The ironic thing is that since Apple doesn’t sanction jailbreaking/rooting they don’t have such protection- which means that you can still get warranty replacements for a jailbroken phone.

    HTC will still honor your warranty if it’s an obvious manufacture defect regardless of bootloader locked or unlocked I know a few ppl that have gotten a replacement for dust in the screen and the power button going out with their bootloader unlocked as long as you don’t send it with custom software your good.

    Apps: Yes, there are a bunch of apps that Android Market has that the App Store doesn’t. Some of them are even worth using! But that doesn’t negate the fact that app for app, quality and consistency is generally lower for Android apps. Don’t get me wrong, that could change sometime in the future- but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Again thats a matter of your personal views and opinions of the apps and the future of said apps you can’t speak for everyone and you don’t know what is gonna happen.

    Since you’re assuming a rooted N1, it’s fair to assume a jailbroken iPhone. If that’s the case, then some of your replies are invalid. If it’s not the case, and you’d like to compare a stock N1 and stock iPhone then other replies are invalid. Let me know which you’d prefer and I’ll answer some more points. For now, I’ll stick to the universally applied ones…

    I would like know how jailbreaking your iphone gives you a bigger screen, a faster processor and an AMOLED screen regardless if it’s a little hard to see out side unless your blind its viewable but i have 20/20 vision so again can’t speak for everyone but like you said it’s fucking gorgeous indoors which is were most ppl spend the majority of their time unless you work in construction or something that has you outside all day.

    - UI: Yup, animations are laggy. Similar kind of laggy as it is on the Droid, Eris, and Hero.

    Your wild thats no where even near true how would a stock build with a 1ghz processor run like hero with sense ui and a 528mhz processor? Maybe its the custom rom I’m running and maybe i have no argument here but I have NO lag what so ever on my homescreen with a live wallpaper and every screen full with widgets or icons.

  9. bob (Reply) Posted on May 1st, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    I’m guessing the moderator didn’t like my whole post maybe it was a little long winded or maybe for soiling the all mighty jobs’s name but I believe that is called censorship so I’m gonna try this again but I’m making it short and I won’t be returning to this place. I have better things to do then argue with a bunch of stuck up fanboys that always contort facts and throw out assumptions to make themselves sound good and turn around have it censored when actual facts are given. We are all adults (at least I hope) why hide what I’m saying I don’t think any children are reading. There is just one point i want to make to all the haters (mostly SDC) that have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to android’s multi-tasking and are just guessing at how it works before I leave here clear my cache and never give this site another hit so if you don’t mind mod can you share this link with the ppl talking about something they don’t fully understand and show them what a REAL developer has to say about the subject thanx http://daringfireball.net/2010/04/mobile_multitasking

  10. Aaron (Reply) Posted on May 15th, 2010 at 5:54 am

    Just a quick update… Contrary to what bob and some folks online claim, your warranty is totally VOIDED when you unlock your bootloader. Even if you never root it and never put a custom ROM on it, you cannot send the phone in for warranty repair/replacement for purely physical problems like under screen dust.

    As it turns out, I found dust under my screen the day after my two week trial period ended, and have already had to downgrade from a new to a refurbished phone two weeks into owning it. I asked the tech who arranged the warranty replacement if I would have been able to get a warranty replacement if I had rooted the phone. He told me, unequivocally “No.” Even if I kept the stock ROM image? “No sir, you’d be out of luck.” Over the last week, I’ve called into Google’s N1 888 number and verified this with an additional two techs. To their credit, they all immediately knew what I meant when I asked whether a rooted phone or an unlocked bootloader would void my warranty.

  11. Mikle (Reply) Posted on July 30th, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    Enough with the “Google Phone Sucks”

    You are an Apple FAN Boy thats why have written this freaking post!

    Android Rules and will rule for ages!!!! :) :)

    Steve Jobs SUCKS!!!

  12. Fred (Reply) Posted on September 26th, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Ahhhhhhhh it’s September 24 the 2010 and whos laughing now bit** your pathetic IPhone 4 sucks ass compared to 2.2 froyo, five me a break it’s just to Fu****g funny how all you Ifags thought google was just sitting around on there a***. Anyway all cool I don’t even have to go I to specs if your here then you know the nexus one and any other recent droid models running a 1ghz and froyo 2.2 know that the iPhone finally has been knocked out. Like Floyd money mayweather nocked out. I might add that I’m pretty glad and I use apple everyday for work, but I’ll never use it again for a phone.

  13. deforge (Reply) Posted on October 2nd, 2010 at 3:06 am

    i was just looking around for posts specifically targetting the touchscreen issues and stumbled on this article.
    i have to add that just about everything short of the touchscreen in this article is pure BS.

    if i am to choose one, voice recognition is out of this world on nexus.
    i remember when i and the president of the company i work for were sitting at a blues bar right by the stage, with the band playing i took it out and to search for something i simply spoke into the phone (obviously i held it close and spoke clearly). andorid in its eraly voice recognition iteration was abel to pick up EVERY SINGLE WORD with 100% acuracy, despite the immense background noise and my accent. my boss thought i was showing off and whipped out his iphone and tried to do the same. 4 attempts later he kept on getting failures in recognition and we had a good laugh about it and ordered another pint.
    voice recognition and other perks of the nexus and android have only improved since then

    i’m far from being an iphone basher as i recgnoize it for the design quality that it is, but this article is pure vile propaganda.

  14. Kumar (Reply) Posted on November 11th, 2010 at 7:25 am

    LMAO…. after reading this article ‘google n nexus one sucks’ …. i ‘ve actually decided to go for nexus one(android)… :p …. iphone can suck it…. android is racing to the top… i wouldnt be surprised if coming up iphone updates contain android like stuff… im nt gnna but iphone just cuz android cnt copy/paste or the wallepaper shows error XD …. ahaha … lame article title…

  15. daaan (Reply) Posted on January 28th, 2011 at 7:06 am

    I hate any and all touch phones. No QWERTY is like trying to open a slider just to get to the stupid keypad which should be there at all times. No thinking required.

    Also gaming on touch cellphones sucks. You have to shake the phone in some games. Really strange.

  16. Charisse Gago (Reply) Posted on October 14th, 2011 at 6:26 am

    This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like ‘Mixview’ that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you’re listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of “neighbors” will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune “Social” is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.


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