Nike’s Back To The Future Shoes To Arrive Next Year

Posted on 26 October 2015 by author

Nike will soon release a set of limited edition self-lacing shoes featured from that 80s sci-fi movie Back To The Future. The company wants the proceeds to go in part to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which deals on research regarding Parkinson’s disease, a disease known to affect elderly people especially in the United States. The movie’s main character, Marty, predicted then that October 21, 2015 will be a future date to reckon along with all the technological advancements introduced with the film.


Its sequel, Back to the Future Part II, saw the emergence of a self-lacing technology featured with Marty’s sneakers. Nike has confirmed that its futuristic shoe will turn fiction into reality sometime in 2016. New York City became the venue for the first Nike Mag, a self lacing shoes introduced during the Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight TV show. The shoe is in its infancy stage which means its future depends on the company’s evaluation of the footwear industry vis-à-vis the sports industry.



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