Nintendo Wii U Controller: Review and Specs Are Impressive

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It’s obvious that the controller for Nintendo Wii U has got to be the most advanced and unique type of device we’ve ever seen infused on a console. And we’re lucky that Nintendo managed to show its full details on the company’s E3 2011 announcement.

So just like the previous rumor-mills of this so-called “Project Café”, the Wii U Controller will be a touch-based pad which acts more like a mini-tablet with set of buttons similar to your standard controller.

But it gets better!

You see, aside from the fact that it’s a touchscreen and it serves as a mirror of the actual game you’re playing on your TV, you can play the exact console-version of the game independently right at your controller without needing any TV! Pretty cool for those kids who are being scold by their mom always because of not leaving the television.

In addition to that, it’ll have its own gyroscope, an accelerometer, dual-analog control, a front-facing camera for video-chats, and it even comes with its own stylus for games that requires it — or drawing purposes. Then again, Storu Iwata said the controller isn’t really meant to be a “portable game machine” similar to DS / 3DS.

As of the moment, engadget manage to test it with games such as Shield Pose, Chase Mii and HD Experience.

Expect its release date on 2012, whereas pundits are predicting the full Wii U package will be unveiled at the TGS next quarter! Price sill coming soon.

Check out our E3 2011 for the latest details.


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