Nintendo Wii U Cyber Monday Deals For Early Birds Include FIFA 13, Scribblenauts Unlimited & More

Posted on 25 November 2012 by author

Cyber Monday is just a couple hours from now but for players who can’t wait until Sunday night, we received several tips that Gamestop, Amazon and Toys R Us are giving away discounts for Wii U games and re-stocking selected Wii U console that are available online.

Video Games

Scribblenauts Unlimited at $49.99 from Gamestop ($66 from Amazon!)

FIFA 13 (Wii U) at $49.99 from Gamestop

Arkham City: Armoured Edition at $49.99 from Gamestop and Amazon

Game Party Champions at $29.99 from Gamestop & Amazon

Wipeout 3 at $29.99 from Amazon

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 at $39.96


Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Set at $299.99 from Gamestop (Online)

Nintendo Wii U Bundle (White) bundle with Batman Arkham City (Armored Edition) + Scribblenauts Unlimited at $419.97 (Online)


Gamestop has a slight advantage for Wii U games slashing $10 from their regular price including a Wii U 8GB Basic Set console for sale online at $299.99 – still a rare item after all the price inflation it has received. Meanwhile, in case you didn’t saw what you’re looking for, check Amazon for other deals. Last but not the least, we would also like to highlight TRU’s sweet bundle which should give you $30 of savings if you’ll buy the two games separately along with the 32GB Wii U system.

It’s notable to say during Black Friday’s doorbusters, the biggest discounts we could find for Wii U games like FIFA 13 & Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition lies at the $49.99 range. Likewise, we can expect these titles to receive similar discount on Monday making it more enticing for you to buy these games right now since it’s the best price you can get even when Cyber Monday pops out.

Decisions, decisions…

Update 1: Now, that was fast. We’re receiving messages that Skylanders Giants For Wii U is still for sale at $57.06 (from $75) on Amazon. Meanwhile, if you have the money you can get this Wii U 32GB + 6 Games bundle at Ebay (Buy.com as seller) for $599 as soon as it gets online again — 8 stocks to go.


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  1. Joseph (Reply) Posted on November 25th, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    Hey, your price for Scribblenauts Unlimited is wrong for Amazon. It’s $39.99 if you buy it through Amazon. The price you are going by is the price for a third party seller.


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