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Bigger and better Nintendo DSi XL (is it really better?)

To all Nintendo fanatics out there, you would love to hear that your favorite game gadget maker has improved your BFF game device (but unfortunately Europe will be the 1st one to experience the wave. As for the other countries no official statement yet of when it will be released)! Okay some of you guys may not agree and may even say ‘The heck? Why would I buy a bigger DSi?’ well, I’m not actually talking to you.

Nintendo Dsi XL

Those people with a little bit of trouble with their vision may find this good news. The new DSi XL will be flaunting a 4.2 screen for better view unlike the old 3.25 inch screen

What else is good about it? The bottom surface has a matte kinda rough finish for better grip, plus the stylus is fatter so you can avoid slipping it through your hands. What’s more? Well nothing much actually this is the exact twin of its predecessor the only difference is the screen and stylus size.

Honestly if you would check the net and see the comments about this new device you may think ‘so why did Nintendo release a new one’? I would have to agree that there is no sense in releasing a new console especially if the only thing that would be changed is the screen size and stylus plus the fact not all people find this move from Nintendo beneficial, so why bother?

Dsi XL specs

Let me have the honor to be blunt to you, DSi XL is not a gadget that will wow you nor would make you drooling to have it. In fact most techie guys out there would just be nonchalant about the news and say ‘so what?’ and move on.

Even though the benefits is not so great nor will it impact a lot of people’s lives, you may still find it cute to be a birthday gift to your niece/nephew or to your granny or gramps who’s totally bored at home but wouldn’t want anything to do with internet and a laptop.

Still not convinced? Oh well everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You may want to check the videos I have to somehow enlighten your clouded mind.

Second Nintendo Dsi XL Demo


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  1. Reuben Gathright ~ Concerned Parent (Reply) Posted on February 4th, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    I am glad to hear the Nintendo DSi XL is coming out because my eyes get tired after playing for just an hour.


  2. james braselton (Reply) Posted on February 25th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    hi there ninteno dsi xl is not the biggest portable gaming unit that gose too the ipad i cant wait for portable consoles exeed 40 light years screens

  3. ... (Reply) Posted on March 25th, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Wow James.. The iPad is not a game console. It’s not made for that. Apple doesn’t expect to even try to make a console. The other companies will crush them like little bugs.


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