Nissan NSC-2015: A Self-Driving Car That Syncs With Smartphones

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Nissan, a Japanese automobile maker, has just unveiled the NSC-2015. It is a vehicle with a mind of its own that drives and parks itself at the command of the real person behind the wheels. The futuristic concept car from Nissan was part of the Smart Mobility Zero exhibit at the annually-held CEATEC in Japan.

The car’s unique technology revolves around on-board cameras and sensors, various computers and cloud connectivity. It allows users to easily park their car by simply hopping out in a parking lot entrance and hitting the ‘park’ button as indicated in a smartphone app. The car then drives off, locates an unoccupied parking space and parks itself, literally speaking. When you need your car back, you can ‘call’ your car with one touch of a button and wait for it to appear right where you’re standing.

Nissan’s engineering director Tooru Futami explains the logic behind the car’s command recognition feature. Once the driver taps the park button, a map is automatically pulled from the cloud. Afterwards, the four cameras would start rolling and analyzing the surrounding area to aid it in finding its location in the map. As soon as the location is confirmed, the car moves on to look for an empty space while you on the other hand march to your appointment.

Though its speed reaches only 5km/h (3mph), at least it only shows that Nissan is being cautious with the car’s fledgling technology where a dreaded computer malfunction can occur. In this event, the company wouldn’t at all means want to have their prototype get out of their sight if it drives at a very high speed.

While all these movements are happening, you can check your car’s status remotely by using your smartphone since the car has a built-in LTE connection. You can see its location, where it’s heading, and even get alerts once it detects that an intruder is tampering with it. You can even view everything in 360 degrees and set off your car’s alarm once you see something suspicious.

Currently, the NSC-2015 isn’t ready to hit parking lots and public roads just yet. The technology allows it to park itself in a sensor-filled parking lot. The company is targeting to eliminate such boundaries by 2015.



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