Nissan NV200: Review, Price and Specs for “Taxi of the Future”

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Nissan’s NV200 is appointed by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission as the city’s exclusive taxi. The new herd of taxi cabs will be created in Cuernavaca, Mexico at Nissan’s facility in North America. It will be released and be ready to explore New York’s Street in later part of 2013 and has a manufacturers’ suggested selling price of $29,000. Modified versions of these models currently exist in areas like Europe, China and Japan.

The taxi has a capacity to carry four passengers. This must-see exclusive taxi has a 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain, has a see-through roof panel, a unique driver navigation system, stuffed with a 12 volts outlet and two USB ports, has overhead reading lights and cellular phone charging component. Additional features like its low-annoying horn that determines that the taxi is beeping; thus, helping the reduction of noise pollution. It has good-looking, breathable, antimicrobial and easy-to-clean seat material that imitates the appearance of leather.

Nissan is very particular when it comes to passenger and pedestrian safety. They equipped the cab with front and backseat screen airbags, standard traction control and Vehicle Dynamic Control, and an external lighting system to provide awareness for outside environment that the NV200’s doors open.

Check out this video:

Taxi drivers of this vehicle will face no problem when service and repairs arises for the Nissan is ready to back-up for this situation. This Nissan NV200 is indeed the “Taxi of Tomorrow” giving a new age of city mobility in the present day.

Here’s a fantasy pic sent by our readers, as the aspirant drivers for this new taxi. What do you think?


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