Nokia E7 Specs and Release Date Leaked: Price and Review Soon!

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Just when you thought that Nokia had given up on producing a new class of Symbian^3 powered devices, comes a very welcoming surprise from a recent announcement at the Nokia 2010 world event, stating that a new smartphone is born and it will be called Nokia E7.

Just like its older brother, this one will be a slider-phone, but this one brags a 640 x 360 AMOLED display. Other specifications will be an internal storage capacity of 16GB and a microSD external memory expandable up to 32 GB. Probably one can assume, that it will pack an 8mp camera with dual-LED flash as well. A trusted source confirms that this one will be a full-QWERTY touch screen device and probably its UI will be Meego.

Here’s another leaked Nokia E7 picture we have a couple of weeks ago.

Going back to the times when Nokia controls the mobile market then having been burned-out after the launch of the iPhone, this company has obviously been left out, as well by the Android. While I’m hoping for the best that with these new type of smartphones, Nokia will rise again from the ashes. Somehow, I can’t help but to wonder, how will they try to attack the Apple Market or the one from Android?

I think it would be lucrative in their end, if they will try to get the weakness of the iPhone and leverage it into their advantage.

Symbian^3 is a very promising OS, and judging from the reviews that we had from it. This can really culture a new breed phones, provided that they will eradicate the bugs that we’ve seen from the earlier generations of Symbian. Also, one of the main key-factors for Nokia to have its place on the mobile market again, is if continues to sell their phones for the whole world, and not locked in one carrier only.


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