Nokia HumanForm Phone: Nano Specs, Release Still A Concept

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Technology companies are beginning to think of the future as they create various futuristic gadgets that will be convenient for everyone when technology almost rules the world. Nokia is not far behind when it comes to this as they created the Nokia Humanform concept phone that, ironically, is not shaped like the human form.


This phone is totally different from their other products just in the physical sense as it has an alienistic form that is far from the human body. Created in the in-house labs of Nokia, they used a nanotechnology that is yet to be explained where you can bend the transparent display and have a touch sensitive casing. For Nokia, this is the phone that makes interactions with loved ones and helps in conveying human emotions.

When it comes to the “Humanform” concept, people shouldn’t take it literally because it’s not about the form but how it will “fit” every human. For example, people have different ears and the phones of today do not fit all ears, thus making some uncomfortable in using them. The Nokia Humanform has a bending transparent display that will work better for every ear because it is flexible. In this way, everyone can have a perfect listening experience.

Then with the nanotechnology experience, you can use gestures to fix the flow of social networks and other applications in the phone. If you want to fix your phone, all you have to do is bend, touch and gesture to it.

Watch this video:

This is indeed a futuristic phone to look forward to as it can be very convenient for those who want everything to be accessible with just one touch or gesture. There is still no release date and pricing for the Humanform Phone but we’re sure you’re already curious about it. So better watch out for more details on it.



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