Norad Santa Tracker 2011: Secret Flash Games You Can Access Today Before Countdown

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Less than seven weeks before Christmas and the whole industry is already preparing and that includes Google as well. Likewise, in case you don’t know, Big G has partnered up with NORAD (North American Aerospace Command) to bring Santa back to life letting kids track him since 2009. Last year, the event was more special since you’ll be able to play some interesting flash games while waiting for Santa to come on your chimney tops.

As of now, when you visit noradsanta.org, its banner page is still preparing for its next trip but we found a way to take a peek with the games going to be included. Thanks to google’s website query search, you can simply hit this link and you can see the indexed pages inside Noradsanta’s site. And there you can see several PDF files showcasing some pretty interesting pics but beyond that are the flash games!

First one is the Christmas Tree Light Up

But there’s a ton more! If you’ll hit this link, you can gain access with last year’s North Pole preparation giving you the full 24 flash games that you need to unlock starting on the first day of December.

Some of the interesting games we’ve seen is the tic-tac-toe game (at the town’s center clock tower), Snowman skiing at the eskimo’s house below and the north pole international airport you can see at the upper right of the town.

Interestingly, if you’ll check this link, you can also gain access with Santa’s town way back on 2009 but it appears the games were already disabled.

Likewise, the official countdown of Norad will only begin on December 1 so this discovery serves as a teaser. What do you think?


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