Official Playstation Mouse and Keyboard (TAC 3): Release Date, Features and Price Revealed

Posted on 16 October 2011 by author

Sony is again making internet tech headlines with its announcement of a Mouse and Keyboard gaming controller for the PlayStation 3 coming to stores in November 12 this year.

The licensed manufacturer HORI calls the combo peripheral set, “Tactical Assault Commander 3“, or TAC 3 which consists of a keypad with WASD-style keys for the hand, an optical right-handed mouse and an easy-access D-Pad with a palm rest. The mouse has a DPI/sensitivity toggle feature which is intended for precise aiming during gameplays. Hori is featuring TAC 3 to enhance precision in PS3 gaming in lieu of the console’s original peripherals.

It is unclear yet as to what games the set is expected to support and what the tracking resolution of the mouse is for now. The peripheral’s precision will undoubtedly benefit first person shooters like Resistance 3 and Killzone3. The duo replaces the analog sticks of PlayStation 3 offering a rare edge for loyal gamers in the wild. The sensitivity of mouse is fully adjustable either for quick or delicate movements. The keyboard’s keys are interchangeable to allow customization.

TAC 3 comes in two variants, in jet black finish and black grey, and will be launched in October 24 or a day before Battlefield 3’s official release. It has a price tag of $127.


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