Osama Bin Laden Dead Malware / Virus: How To Protect Yourself?

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Cyber Crimes Unit has said that within hours that the al-Qaida leader, Osama Bin Laden,  in Pakistan was killed by the U.S. forces, malware has begun appearing to search engines. Scammers took advantage of the news, which made the most popular Google search containing links to photos and videos that actually contain malware stealing personal information. Even Facebook has also been targeted.

Kaspersky Lab identified ***-antivirus.cz.cc/fast-scan/ and the **pe-antivirus.cz.cc/fast-scan/ as two malicious domains that ranked high in Google image search results claiming to contain photos of Osama bin Laden. Both sites offer the ‘Best Antivirus 2011’, rougeware.

Zscaler also described another malicious domain that shows an alleged photo of the dead Pakistan leader. Then a flash player suggests users to download an update for the VLC plugin, a requirement to view the footage. However, clicking the link does not download the plugin but an adware tool instead. Malware is also linked to a new blog post of Sohaib Athar entitled “Osama bin Laden’s death, Twitter fame and malware” after it has been compromised.

To prevent these viruses to compromise our computers and worse, steal our personal information, tips and suggestions have been declared. Sophos Security Company said that online searches, ads in social networking sites and even emails should not be carelessly trusted. Use antivirus software that offers web filtering and keep firewall turned on. Get out of a domain that redirects you to another unknown site and always be careful in downloading data.

Protect yourself and be safe from this new cyber terrorist.


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