Oslo Bombing Video Facebook Scam (Virus): How To Avoid and Protect Yourself

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A famous person dying or a catastrophic event is something anyone of us don’t like to happen but for a lowlife a.k.a scumbags of the net, these are the things they need in order to fuel their propaganda to lure people on a trap.

Likewise, the characteristics of these scams are simple: Try to create a catchy phrase to lure people on clicking a link, and once you’ve done the deed, you have already fallen onto their trap.

For this weekend, the target is all about the recent Oslo bombing in Norway. Naturally, if you’ll see your friend in Facebook posting a video “Oslo Security Camera Captures Blast” curiosity will get the best of you and click that link.

But instead of seeing any video, you’ll be redirected to a bogus link filled with these IQ test and spam-filled surveys. The punch-line? Those who have foolishly finished the IQ test are required to put their mobile phone number in order to see the results. In case you have put your number, its game over, and you’ll be charge 2 bucks on each question you answered that’ll be multiplied four times a week.

Again, may we remind everyone that in case you see “[Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast! [Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast!” floating around someone else’s wall, be a good netizen and “report it as a violation” under its profile. Also, the best security you’ll always have in the web is being aware and little common sense. I mean, if you have clicked a link that’s supposed to give you a video feed but instead, given you some quirky tests or surveys – that’s more than enough reason to close the page and know it’s a scam right?

But I guess that’s too difficult for some and like always, curiosity kills the cat.



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