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Less than ten weeks to go before Grand Theft Auto V launches and fans are expecting new info about its multiplayer and gameplay straight from Rockstar Games. But before we get to that part, it appears a lot of other relative information were gathered by fans that didn’t really get the proper attention.

Female Officer Sighting


Theories about GTA V including a female police officer have been cooking up ever since trailer 1. However, there wasn’t really enough proof to support this claim. Fortunately, a screenshot taken from the latest trailer suggests a female officer with a ponytail exists on the right side of Michael on what appears to be an ongoing heist operation.

Tommy Vercetti Easter Egg

Recently, fans posted an image showing an easter egg of Tommy Vercetti’s jumpsuit which is similar to the one worn by Michael, Franklin and Trevor from the other screenshot. For those unaware, Tommy is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and we heard several theories on how he might be related with Michael from GTA V. However, this story was busted after Rockstar Games hinted V is on a different universe compared with its predecessors.

Jimmy’s Tattoo On His Arm


Actually, this was roughly translated by users from GTAF last month but since this is the first time Rockstar Games revealed an even bigger version of this image, enthusiasts have more time to unlock if there’s any secret with Jimmy’s tattoo. As it says “Edifica adversario tuo aureum pons ad receptum trans”, translated into english it means “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across” which is a direct quote from Sun Tzu – a famous Chinese military general and strategist who wrote ‘The Art of War’ philosophy.

Rumors Galore

Now, this won’t be a real discussion about GTA V if we don’t have any rumors. According to these threads, CVG’s arm GTAV O’clock is expected to reveal new info even earlier than Rockstar Games and it’s expected to be about the multiplayer revelation for GTA V which is believed to be not just about the world of V but it’ll be an MMO type of game which will include the other universe of GTA like Vice City, San Andreas, etc. Of course, take this rumor with a heavy grain of salt.

Expect the sandbox title to arrive on September 17 on Xbox 360 & PS3.


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