PhoneIt-iPad: How To Make Calls and Send SMS With iPad (Hack) — Price and Download

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Right before the launch of the first iPad last year, one of the biggest misunderstanding is to call it as a “big iPhone” because the tablet is simply not meant to do calls or send SMS with your buddies. Likewise, this “feature” isn’t really a need for those who have smartphones or other mobile devices that comes along with their iPad. However, for those who don’t have this luxury and bring iPad as their only means for communication, they may find this feature very important.

Well, guys from iPhoneislam managed to provide a prompt solution for this by introducing PhoneIt-iPad App, a hack that “magically” turns your iPad into a fully functional Phone.

How? By utilizing a phone SIM card for your iPad and a special Jailbreak Application, this community brought SMS and phone-calls to the iPad 1.

The caveats? It only works for iPad 1 because the JB for iPad 2 is still on the works. You’re also obliged to insert a working phone SIM (e.g: SIM card you use to make phone calls with a mobile device working for your country), and oh, it’s not for free and it will set you back for 19.99 USD via paypal, in which a code will be given for you in order to activate the app. No payment, the app wouldn’t work. Got that?

Check out the PhoneIt-iPad Video Impressions

Likewise, there’s still some minor details that’s needed to be polisher here like “not seeing the SMS when you’re typing for the first time”, it’s not MMS-ready yet and it doesn’t support Bluetooth calls since iPad 1 don’t support such device.

Likewise, this is the closest hack you can get to convert your iPad into a real working phone. I say, it’s worth a shot!



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