Play Super Smash Bros In Your Calculator With This Program

Posted on 17 November 2014 by author

Here’s a calculator that allows its user to play Super Smash Bros just by downloading a required program. Calculators with TI-83/83 systems are ideal for the game especially those with 6MHz or 15MHz processor. Its creator, Haleia, wants to make sure players can create characters without having to tinker with the source code and just relying on the engine’s modular nature.


The gameplay environment is, of course, basic showing game fighters in pixelated fashion. The current playable characters are Falco and Fox but Haleia expects outside help to populate the game with other characters since the program is out for open-source development. The source code is only 51092 bytes and it’s executable for only 13000 bytes. The 15 MHz platform provides a complicated map for the game and is more playable compared to the 6 MHz which provides simplistic map.

With this development, calculators will soon become an object of entertainment rather than a dull tool for class use. The game, which is set for release this Friday on Wii U, looks pretty basic on sight but it’s enough to kill boredom when the calculator itself is practically idle for quite some time.



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