Playboy Party Facebook: Review, Gameplay and Guide

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If you are the type that likes to play a lot of Facebook game, then maybe this new game from Jolt Online will let you stay wide awake on any time of the day.

The “Playbook Party” is the latest Facebook game developed by the Dublin-based Jolt Online and had been recently released on the social networking site. If you are used with other Facebook games, then you might not have a hard time playing this one.

At the start, you get to select an avatar of your choice that can be the future host of an up-and-coming party in the Playboy Mansion. Here, you get to build your party by decorating it with furniture, making sure that the drinks don’t run low, have lively music and is controlling the crowd. Just like in any hosting of parties, you will be responsible in making this party as fun and orderly as possible.

Invite guests, celebrities and Playmates to increase your popularity. Once you do, a lot of people will be coming to your party and you need to do crowd control. You get to greet new guests, as well as kick them out if they are not invited or are being rowdy. Make sure that drinks are always full so that guests and celebrities won’t be disappointed at your party. And, you also get to kick out paparazzi who want to take photos of your celebrity guests. Look out for gatecrashers or people who just want to ruin a great party like yours. You’re in control, so do it good.

Once the game decides you have done well as a party host, you are rewarded with items and photos of bikini shots and classic Playboy Magazine covers in the past years.

This latest Facebook game from Jolt Online is something that they are proud of and is their Christmas gift to the Internet. According Dylan Collins, Chairman of Jolt Online Gaming, they worked hard into developing this game so that Facebook users will be entertained. “We almost went blind developing this game but we think that Playboy Party will keep you entertained anywhere you can access your Facebook account”.

The Playboy Party in Facebook is on an open beta to the public and anybody can play it for free as long as they have a Facebook account. All they have to do it go to apps.facebook.com/playboyparty, and you’re ready to host your sophisticated and kick-ass party!

Just make sure though that your girlfriend won’t see you playing this game or won’t appear in your wall.


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