Playstation 3 Water-Cooled Mod (Laptop): Price, Specs and Release at Ebay

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It’s obvious that the specifications for Playstation 3 today are much outdated, especially if you’ll compare it with Desktop computers; making some game developers weep on trying to port their project on the 8 year old console.

Likewise, it’s always refreshing to see some enthusiasts on putting the upgrade-work on their hands by unleashing some outstanding modifications for the console.

As of today, PS3Hax reveals the first water-cooled Playstation 3 (laptop), in which our creator calls it the “Pirate’s PS3 water-cooled portable laptop”.

Check her out!

Just looking at the picture, you can already see that it’s PS3-portable that comes with its own QWERTY keyboard, a foldable LCD display just like a laptop, own water tank reservoir, and a water-cooling system to make every process synchronized.

To be more specific, the display can output 720p and 1080i if you’ll use an HDMI, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 500GB hard drive, external power supply, built-in speakers + head phone jack and it weights 15 pounds.

Take note, this project started three years ago so our guy still used as PS3 40GB “fat version”, but it still looks amazingly cool! Price is now currently bid at 1, 125 USD on E-Bay.

Check out its video.

If you are impressed, you might as well want to check out the Nintendo Wii liquid-cooled mod console.


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