Playstation Suite: Release Date To Install PS Games on Android — Soon!

Posted on 27 January 2011 by author

For those who managed to sleep early last night, you may not have heard that the Sony PSP2 (NGP) was already revealed packing with some amazing hardware specifications and software features which makes the old PSP-models look cheap.

While its official release date is still expected to come on the holidays, one should understand that everything the gamers desired for the next-generation PSP were granted by Sony and we can only hope, it would evolve from here until its launch on December.

In addition to the PSP2 features we’ve previewed like “Near” and “Playstation Live Area”, Sony will be introducing Playstation Suite which will enable Android users to experience what it’s like to play a full hardcore playstation game. I know, this sound really insane. As the company claims, PS Suite is like a portal where you can download a PS game directly on your Android phone provided that your unit can support the rich-quality of the game being served. This is where the Playstation Certified comes into play, and this authenticates all those PS games that are compatible for the Android.

The minimum requirement for this is, you should have at least Android 2.3 (gingerbread) running on your smartphone and the first batch of Playstation titles that will be certified would come from PSOne.

Hopefully, this move wil revolutionize everything because I must say, games in Android still looks rustic compare to the iOS.


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