Possible GTA V Easter Eggs Found From New Images

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While pundits are still analyzing all the previews given yesterday, some fans have started to examine the latest images and concept art listed. Here are some of the things they’ve found out.

In-game Search System

As one user pointed out, the background where Michael plot his plan on robbing a jewelry store seems to laid out more clues than we realize. As seen from the image, one of the sheet posted is a picture of a building (in bird’s view) showing a familiar looking ‘search icon’ along a search bar. Likewise, some of the best theories for this include an in-game mapping or search system for finding a particular location, or an app that will be integrated with iFruit. As game critiques revealed, snapping of photos from in-game and have it posted on your Rockstar’s social account is also a confirmed feature.

Little Seoul

As seen from the image, there’s a 24/7 supermarket shop filled with Korean characters along with an internet café that says “Wan Ka”. As readers pointed out, it might be a slang term similar with “Pißwasser”. This also hints the possibility of having a Korean town inside Los Santos.


Aside from the discovery of the Von Crastenburg hotel which hints about the return of some characters, it’s notable to point out about the inclusion of paparazzis which could be part of your mission when playing with Michael.

Jimmy’s Room

And here we can see Jimmy and Tracy on the background. But aside from them, a lot of things can be seen from his room like a new pose of the blonde bikini girl hanging on the background as a poster and Jimmy holding on to an Xbox controller which probably excites most fans as this may also come as an easter egg for other players using a different brand of console.

San Andreas Thugs Are Back

This has been hinted before. Those thugs from GTA: San Andreas will make several cameo shots on GTA V. As seen from the image, Lamar (who happens to be a homie of Franklin) is stealing a car wearing a silver bling-bling with initials of L.S that stands for Los Santos while the text on his shirt says “San Andrea’s Magnetics” confirming the area is within San Andreas.

Animal Database

As a part of our easter egg treat, one reader sent us this link from GTAF which is basically about a ‘database’ of all the confirmed animals from the game. As of the moment, there are nine and at the helm is Chop. The list is expected to grow as Rockstar Games give more info for the game.

Expect Grand Theft Auto V to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17.


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