PS3 Banned on Europe For 10 Days – Did LG Win Already?

Posted on 01 March 2011 by author

This is quite a shocker for those who are still saving up to buy theirs PS3′s. Following the popular console’s alleged violation of LG Blu-ray technology patent rights, a preliminary injunction has gone in favor of LG. The civil court of justice has made the ruling that all new PS3 consoles being imported in Europe be confiscated. The ban lasts for at least 10 days.

This poses a serious problem for Sony, which usually holds up to 3 weeks of PS3 console stocks across Europe. Last week, about 10,000 consoles were already confiscated in Netherlands as a result of the patent dispute. On the other hand, the company is trying its best to lift the ban in order to resume the importation of its PS3 units.

It could even get worse. While Sony can try to have the ban lifted, LG could also move to have the ban extended. Now, that’s a disaster. And with PS3 being accused of infringing numerous Blu-ray technology patents, the same case is also being used to launch an investigation in the US international trade commission. A “permanent exclusion order… excluding entry into the United States” is targeted by LG.

So far, 47.9 million consoles have already been sold worldwide. Furthermore, if Sony is found guilty, the Japanese-based company may have to make the necessary compensations to LG for every PS3 console sold!

PS3 hopefuls should be crossing their fingers by now.


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