PS3 Games W/ Serial Key: Hack Solution or a Problem?

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Sony has clearly taken concrete steps to prevent hackers from messing up with their games (as well as revenues). Sony had reported significant losses due to game piracy and because of that it will introduce a new security measure to its new inventory of PS3 games.

According to gaming blogs, Sony will be implementing a serial key system for its PS3 games that is similar with PC games. Each Blu-Ray disc game that will be shipped will have a unique serial key related to the disc which should be entered for verification. The serial key can only be entered up to a maximum of 5 times. After that, the game disc is useless (and worthless).

Here’s the recent patent data related to this report:

A device and method for protection of legitimate software against used software and counterfeit software in recording media… A specific title code is read, and if this title code has been registered, the main unit shifts to a normal operation. If the code has not been registered, verification software is initiated… If matching does not occur, the disk is processed as illegitimate software… Since only titles for which legitimate software has actually been purchased and which have been initially registered in the machine table can be used, resale (so-called used software purchase) after purchase by an end-user becomes practically impossible.

The negative impact of this move is on shops that rent PS3 games. Also, it won’t be possible to borrow your friend’s games anymore and vice-versa. Sony has apparently updated the PS3 firmware to implement the new security feature. Moreover, new games are reported to have this serial key security feature. On the other hand, we’re not sure if Sony will allow older games without serial keys to work as it is.

We haven’t received any confirmation about this but we promise to give you details once we do. So, stay tuned.


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