PSN Down: Will You Shift to Xbox 360? (Case Study)

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When we first reported the news about PSN going down on April 20, we were thinking optimistically that it would be fixed even before the end of the day. But after Sony posted that it would need two-full days before it gets repaired, we knew something isn’t right and this disruption is very serious. Likewise, everything gets complicated when the company said, this incident was caused by an “external intrusion – short for a “hack-attack” and its ETA for any fix is “coming soon”.

Waiting in Vain Kills Any Gamer’s Heart.

So here we are today, on its fifth and a half day, and the last update we’ve heard from Sony is this ambiguous post without hinting any specifics. Likewise, we understand that the company is trying to know first all the possible angles before calling its official PR post about this issue. But we also understand that majority of gamers don’t like to wait. Being a gamer, if there’s one thing that we don’t like to do, it’s the waiting process; triple the effect if it’s the type of “waiting in vain” scenario in which we don’t have any ETAs to cling to -– Worse than waiting Diablo 3 huh?

So what does this mean? Well, after Sony finally fixes its network (predicted to arrive tomorrow on USA), a lot of gaming forums will be plagued by posts of its users sharing their disappointments and anger with Sony, and plans to shift with its competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Likewise, trolls shouldn’t be feed but is it really possible that majority of PSN gamers will close their account on PS3 and buy Xbox 360 consoles because of this problem?

Well, it won’t happen, for now.

PS3 Gamers Won’t Leave The Console, for now.

You see, gamers (at least most of that I knew) have the ability to “forgive and forget” once they are back playing again. But! In case this happens again, for a close period of time, let’s say less than a month – that’s a big difference! And we can expect reports to buzz around that some Playstation users have bought Xbox 360 just in case. But still, I wouldn’t say Sony should be worrying about majority of its gamers “leaving” the console; If I’m the company, I would be even more concerned on how many millions of profits I am losing everytime PSN / Qriocity goes down.

Major Effects on Future PS3 Buyers.

Likewise, Sony should do something to ensure this problem won’t happen anymore in the next couple of years to come, because while previous PSN players won’t necessarily leave the company, new buyers who are reading this or hearing this issue from their gaming buddies would think twice before buying PS3.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day…

Here’s a fellow-gamer’s reaction on Youtube.


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