Rage HD Review: iPad Release Date, Price and Download Today!

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A new game application that is primarily intended for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is now available; it’s the all-new Rage HD. Although this game is not yet a full-fledged game yet it is still one of the best-looking games that you will have ever seen in a mobile device. The Rage HD is basically an intense first-person game that comes with absolutely jaw-dropping graphics. It is based on Mutant Bash TV, which is a television show set in the dystopian world of Rage.

In this game, one needs to survive an on-rails roller-coaster ride from the start of each 10-minute level up to the end. And the good thing about this game is that instead of letting the player set the pace, Rage will bring you from location to location at an incredibly fast speed. This will definitely raise the fun and excitement as you go on with this game.

As the player goes through each level, a variety of actions can be performed. These actions seem like simplified versions of normal FPS maneuvers. You can simply reload your weapon while playing a timing-based mini-game to double the damage. There is also another button that enables you to move to the side in order to avoid flying bricks and rocks. As you go on with the game, you can pick up items for health, cash, and even ammo bonuses from across the room.

After you have cleared out each 10-minute level, you will receive a grade based on your performance. However, it does not provide for a breakdown of your accuracy, number of bonus, target, hits, etc. The Rage HD seems to be one of the most incredible games ever featured in a mobile device and could absolutely pass for a modern console game as well. Definitely this game has the potential, but it would be even better if the Rage HD will be loaded up with more extras and some extra challenges as well to make it more exciting.

Gaming enthusiasts out there especially those with the iPhone, iPod and iPad must be really excited about this new game. This game application is available for only $ 1.99 so open your iTunes and download it now.


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