Razer Hydra: Release Date, Price and Review of Features Soon (Video)

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Aside from the fleet of dual-core smartphones and Android 3.0 tablets that took the scene for this year’s CES event, it’s just proper to give a round of applause for Razer as it reveals some really cool schtuff for the event and that would be the Switchblade and Chimaera controller in which the former’s release date is still pending ‘in the near future’.

But wait, there’s one more!

At the final stage of the event, some managed to take a full impression of what would be the next-generation controller by Razer entiled as the ‘Hydra’ which will be entirely based on a new breed of motion controlling device and expect this one to be first revealed on Valve’s Portal 2.

Check out the video.

As you can see, it’s like playing two Sony playstation move under a single controller and what this does is it gives the user a fine sensor of graphing your actions portraying it to your game thanks to its special physics engine calculating your gestures and the space you have between the display.  You can even create special actions on the device to zoom your gameplay for a more realistic type of combat. It’s precise, responsive although the release date for the Razer Hydra is still pending as well to its price.

Anyway, this gives us another hope that Portal 2 would be more refreshing to play than its previous installment and there’s a glimmer of chance it would be available on Kinect for its Xbox 360 version.


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