Real-Looking GTA V Box Art Adds Anticipation To Its Official Release

Posted on 21 January 2013 by author

We normally don’t post fan art here except when it’s totally unique or if it has some added kink into it. Well, r/GrandTheftAutoV got something to spice up your Sunday evening after a user posted this real-looking box art for GTA V.

As you can see from the link, the image is getting favorable amount of votes and is now the most popular post for V community on reddit. Likewise, it’s just a fan-made box art. Some of the noticeable flaws of the picture is the UPC, as pointed by a user, it should be 710425 (first digit for category; next five digits for manufacturer code). Next is the blurb section featuring some pretty weak choice of words. It’s also pointed out that Rockstar Games usually integrate un-released art for their box cover.

So why is this post such a big hit? For those unaware, it was confirmed by several sources earlier that Rockstar Games will release the official box art for the mega sandbox title this January and we’re just around 11 more days until the 31th of this month giving more reasons for enthusiasts to anticipate.

In our previous report, we’ve disclosed several neat-looking unofficial box art, although by far, the best one we’ve seen is that image above.


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