Release For Macbook 2012: As Thin As Air, Signals The Death of Macbook Pro?

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Remember that report suggesting a new hybrid Macbook Pro that will be as thin as the Air but equipped with better specifications? Well, it’s now reported the Cupertino-based company is already testing its prototype and according to Macotakara, this 15-inch notebook will be an extension to the family of Macbook Air (hinting it won’t be called Pro) citing Apple has already finished the development of its LCD component.

By eliminating the need of a hard drive, and substituting it with an SSD, Apple manage to make the form-factor of this new ultraportable really slim. However, this begs the question what will happen to Macbook Pro now after its recent CPU upgrade last week?

Good question! In our previous report, we hinted this new hybrid model may replace MBP as the years go by just like how Apple silently kills its old Macbook line three years after the revelation of Macbook Air on 2008.

Interestingly, this is the same argument cited by Appleinsider who have sources citing the days of MBP are already outnumbered, inevitably. As you can see, MBP and MBA has a real distinction in the past; the former having a bigger form-factor with more powerful specs while the latter is a sleek ultraportable laptop with set of innards sub-par with Pro. However, this year speaks with a different tone and as you can see from the latest Macbook Air, the device also sports a quad-core i7 CPU which is almost as fast as MBP’s top of the line unit.

In the end, Apple is just following the old rule of keep selling what sells a lot, and pull the plug for those who aren’t.


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