Microsoft Drama: Robbie Bach and J Allard Quitting Microsoft?

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Microsoft is up for a complete restructuring. According to Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, some changes are going to take place. And when he says that, he means big changes! To start with, just at 47 years old Robbie Bach is to retire as President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. Concurrently, his Vice-President, J Allard is said to be leaving Microsoft too.

The two were the ones responsible for overseeing two projects namely the Natal and the Courier respectively. The Natal is a motion-sensing project that is an alternative for the Xbox 360. It is said to give the console an approximate nine-year lifespan on the corporate side. While Courier, now-cancelled internal tablet project by Microsoft, is a two-screen tablet. It was seen as a potential product until it was cancelled. So why was it cancelled despite its potentiality vibes? The reason is that things didn’t go as planned until a conclusion was made that resources would be directed elsewhere. So sad!

So, was the cancellation of Courier the reason behind Bach’s retirement and J Allard’s move to leave the company? Or were they pressured into leaving Microsoft because of the sudden change of plans?

Steve in a press release said those queries were completely baseless. Bach was to retire for he has served 22 years of his life well-endowing Microsoft with his service and wants to go out despite the company’s high-profile while Allard is said to leave still loyal to Microsoft. The two will remain as advisors of the company.

In turn, Don Mattrick, who leads the interactive entertainment business, and Andy Lees, leader for mobile communications business, will report to Steve. They are both foreseen as strong leaders who may be essential for Microsoft’s future plans.

To replace Allard, corporate vice president David Treadwell will join IEB to lead the team in core technology organization, directly connecting to Don. David has proven himself over the years which make him viable for the position. Whatever Steve is saying, the pot still keeps hot. Reading between the lines, the Courier’s project failure had something to do with Bach’s and Allard’s fate! Who are they kidding anyway?


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