Rockstar Games On PS4: Agent, GTA V Or New IP?

Posted on 21 February 2013 by author

This day has been a rollercoaster for the gaming community as Sony revealed its plans for PS4. While the company didn’t disclose the actual look of the console itself, they managed to show several features including a list of game studios that will launch titles on the said product.

Before the event, there’s some speculation that Rockstar Games may be one of the developers that will present something during the PS4 announcement. Naturally, this didn’t happen but there’s still some hope for the community.

Recently, several people who watched the event took a screenshot about the list of game companies that’ll make titles for Playstation 4. On the right side, you can see Rockstar Games. Naturally, this raised some interesting questions about the studio’s plans for next-gen consoles.

As for V/s community, the consensus seems to be in favor with Agent. For those unaware, it’s a stealth action video game announced by Rockstar North six years ago. It’s a PS3 exclusive title mainly developed by the Houser brothers and is likely to become an AAA game. Likewise any updates for this game was kept on a leash for sometime now, but after the PS4 event, fans are wondering if Rockstar North really did delay Agent’s release so its realistic environment will fit nicely over the next-gen console?

So far, development for Agent is still on-going as reflected from Rockstar Games but its release remains to be disclosed.

Then of course, the other part of the crowd is anticipating about GTA V getting ported on Playstation 4. However, one should realize the studio already confirmed V hitting on current-gen consoles this September and since it’s highly absurd to think they’ll release the game again on PS4, in case it gets retailed by November, this porting will only happen by 2014 at least.

So do you think Rockstar Games is planning to reveal Agent or GTA V on Playstation 4? Or it could be another IP? Feel free to comment below.


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