Samsung 4TB 3.5-inch Hard Disk: Release Possibility on April

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If you are a keen observant with the cycle release of Hard Disk per TB, you’ll see the pattern ranges from 10-12 months, just like last May when Seagate announced its first 3TB 3.5-inch HDD. Although this time, it appears Samsung is the first one to hinted its release of a 4TB 3.5-inch HDD via infusing its new technology for Hard Disk Drive production.

Coming from the blogosphere, Sammy claims to find a way to store 1TB of data under a single 3.5-inch platter which paves the way of running capacities up to 3GB and 4GB Hard drives in the near future. Currently, Sammy’s 3.5-inch has a maxed out storage capacity of 3TB via 4 platters each with 750GB capacity; increasing it to another 250GB is something that’s very interesting to see.

According to Tom, its release date is still being concealed while there’s a possibility that this newly fangled HD will be inline with Samsung’s EcoGreen 5400 RPM 3.5-inch Hard Drive series, which will include a possible 32MB cache via a 6GB SATA connection. And if that occurs, its possible release can be expected this April. As of the moment, Seagate or any other storage manufacturing companies haven’t yet revealed their plans for a 4TB Hard Drive. Hopefully, it would still take a couple more years before they disband SATA and jump with the next de-facto for HDD cable transfers.


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