Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Next Year As iPhone 5 Owns The Market

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The Apple and Samsung rivalry is perhaps the most followed and most publicized rivalry of the century as we are flooded daily with interesting updates and intriguing follow-ups. Neither side wants to practice the art of “silence” as each one tries to create some “advertising noise” and “disguised black propaganda” in the smartphone rat race.

Soon after Apple has revealed that the iPhone 5 reached a total pre-ordered sale of two million thereby admitting that the demand exceeded the initial supply, archrival Samsung has prepared a response with the intention to increase further their market presence and popularity. The Korean manufacturer is already making hints on launching the successor to its flagship Galaxy S3 which will be dubbed, naturally, as Galaxy S4.

Believed to be capable of curbing iPhone 5’s worldwide appeal, the Galaxy S4 will feature some external changes but will definitely maintain its familiar rectangular shape and the rounded corner design. It will feature a screen of five inches, LTE capabilities, Android OS, and a processor of quad-core Exynos.

Samsung is said to unveil the Galaxy S4 when the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain commences in February 2013. The launching is scheduled a month later which is significant since it means that the company plans to bring its newest models to the market just in time when Apple is in the middle of its launch cycle. It aims to maximize sales while avoiding direct competition at the same time.



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