Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Second Generation): Release Date and More Specs Revealed!

Posted on 10 November 2010 by author

Hey boys and gals! As some of you may probably heard, Samsung will be rolling out a new generation of Super AMOLED 7 inch Galaxy Tabs fresh from its stash and logically it will be called as the second generation Galaxy Tab a.k.a Samsung Galaxy 2. The leaks before that we gathered were vague and we aren’t seeing any picture or leaks about the possibility of this project. But just like any rum0r-mills we’ve seen in the past, there’s always a closure and this one is getting pretty good.

Today, cats from OLED-Display.net manage to reveal that the augmented 1200 x 600 resolution with super AMOLED display Galaxy Tab and Sammy’s model girl is featuring it on the leaked image. At this point the other information we can give you is its release date on 2011 and a vague debate if the panel will be using Super AMOLED or a new amazing glass screen technology from the S company.

Bet that as it may be, the Samsung Galaxy Tab today is the current best Android tablet ready to battle itself out from the iPad legion, but take note, there are other budding Android Tablets out there which looks promising like the BB Playbook and of course that unrevealed, but leaking Google Tablet. Certainly, next year will be a surprise for everyone!


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