Samsung RF4289 Twitter Refrigerator: Specs, Price and Release Date (Review)

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Are you the person who likes to tweet almost everything wherever you are, even if your in the kitchen cooking your family’s dinner? Then this refrigerator is for you.

Samsung has not only introduced their set of laptops in the CES 2011, but has also unveiled a kitchen appliance that will be a heaven for every housewife addicted to the internet. Introducing the Samsung RF4289, a four door French Door model which is a refrigerator that has the industry’s first WiFi enabled 8” LCD screen that is placed above the water and ice dispenser.

Not only is the refrigerator usable for the internet, but it can also be used to look for kitchen recipes to cook, leave notes for your children, check family events in the Google calendar, check the weather and the latest headlines, or view a photo slideshow.

And since it has WiFi, you can actually tweet anything you want from your kitchen if you can’t wait to tweet something like about how your dinner burned and had to do the cooking all over again. Or in the occasion that you are trying a new recipe and how it went.

When it comes to its functions inside the refrigerator, it has a Twin Cooling Plus System that will keep products fresher for a long time. Then it also has a big storage space and options where you can store a lot of food and beverages.

See video demo courtesy of Mashable:

Having a WiFi in the refrigerator is just a bit too much, but you never know. Maybe a lot of consumers will fall for this product and would really want to surf the internet even in the kitchen. The Samsung RF4289 refrigerator will come out May 2011 with a starting price of $3,500.


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