Santa Claus Terrorist: TSA Serious About Pranks

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Santa Claus a terrorist? You won’t believe it, but yes Santa Claus was placed on the terrorist watch list just recently. Every now and then some innocent people or even peace groups are being added to the terrorist watchlist and the latest of which is the much-awaited personality during Christmas, Santa Claus or Saint Nicolas. Authorities actually took Santa Claus for possible questioning regarding the possibility of engaging in terrorist activities after he balked at a TSA grope down.

As Mrs. Claus explained, Santa felt the need to travel to the US in order to find out what is happening to America. This is because of the fact that Walmart shoppers were actually encouraged by DHS in-store video to report any suspicious activity. However, this campaign caused some people to be afraid of submitting any complaints or information because of the fear that they may end up being put on the watchlist.

Although the reasons why Santa Claus was put on the “do not fly” list is not that clear, but Santa having so many aliases like Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas and Kring Kringle and his goodwill gives this prominent figure a suspicious character for some. This includes a counter terrorist authority who wishes to remain anonymous and revealed that the Grinch has been long complaining that Santa Claus is a figure to watch out for.

Check out this video clip between Santa and 24 lead character Jack Bauer:

NORAD has confirmed that Santa Claus actually violated the US airspace at least every year by loading down with unclaimed packages with an unregistered sleigh flying all over the place at tremendous speed and without any air traffic control permission or whatsoever. There were also some rumors that a North Korean official to ask Santa for more uranium in order to enrich its nuclear projects. But Santa denied his involvement in any of these activities and remained consistent that the only purpose he has is carrying his mission of distributing goods.

After the said questioning made to Santa, there were some rumors that there are certain banks who are considering freezing some of Santa’s accounts. But Mrs. Claus also pleaded everyone to remember Santa’s good deeds and his motto of peace and goodwill to humanity. Is Santa a terrorist or not? What do you think?


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  1. Antonio (Reply) Posted on December 25th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Is Santa Claus a terrorist…. Really?! The image of Santa has completely been ruined. Violating US airspace, unclaimed packages, unregistered sleigh? This guy is a professional, he knows what he is doing. And I doubt any North Korean official that would ask for uranium would be on the nice list.


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