Sex Robots As Prostitutes 40 Years From Now, Will Replace Humans

Posted on 22 April 2012 by author

Robots have always sparked a growing sense of curiosity among children and adult alike. Those who have invented them thought how robots could be useful around the house, in school, and in hospitals. Now, the use of robots has evolved from providing an extra hand to fulfilling one’s sexual pleasures.

In a paper entitled “Robots, Men and Sex Tourism,” human-like robots would dominate the robot sex club Yub-Yum in Amsterdam and also in other robot red-light districts. For a whopping amount of $9,500, patrons can choose from the club’s various robot prostitutes which differ by age, body shape, language, ethnicity, and sexual features. They are guaranteed of being free from Sexual Transmitted Diseases as the androids are made of a special anti-bacterial fiber and are cleaned for human fluids. Eventually, it will give prostitution its respectability in a new level.

The paper’s researchers, Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars, are optimistic in saying that the robot sex industry could bring positive changes in the society. People will have a guilt-free sexual encounter without worrying about sexually transmitted diseases. Robot prostitution could also put an end to human trafficking caused by the proliferation of the sex industry. Yub-Yum would have androids in their staff and would be licensed to market the city as a primary sex tourism making it a part of a sexual tourist’s itinerary. The tourist industry in Amsterdam is characterized by its sex and drugs image. They believe that if the brothels would close down, it will have a damaging effect on its brand and tourism sector.

In 2050, Amsterdam’s prostitution den will all be defined by android prostitutes that provide clean, safe, and guilt-free sexual services. Prices, operation hours and sexual services will be directly controlled by the city council.

However, the research also noted that the presence of sex bots would drive human prostitutes out of work. If that’s the case, the government has to find ways on how it could provide alternative work opportunities.

Back in 2007, university student David Levy claimed that humans will be marrying and having sexual relationship with robots in the year 2050. Human-robot relationships would flourish and would become a common norm. Robots would appear and function like real humans and would possess a human-like personality. “Real” people would easily fall in love with them, engage with them in sex, and even end up marrying them.



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