Should GTA V Fans Worry After Saints Row 4 Ban In Australia?

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Earlier today, we received confirmation that the Australia’s board refused to give Saints Row IV the classification it needs for computer games due to problems on following AU’s guidelines. This means the game won’t be allowed to be for sale on Australian retailers unless Deep Silver – Volition made the necessary changes to comply with Aussies requirements.

As expected, this news brought some concerns to other titles like Grand Theft Auto V which in history, is not really the top kid in the class when it comes to passing the requirements of game classification boards.

So does this mean GTA V will suffer the same fate as Saints Row 4 in Australia? Well, the answer is no.

GTA IV As A Clue

To make things clearer, let’s do a recap on how Grand Theft Auto IV made its way through Australia.

According to this report, GTA IV – which is that year’s biggest game – had some issues on passing the classification system of Australia. Fortunately, Rockstar Games did manage to get through it by editing some parts of the game. This gimping includes the removal of all sexual animations, no oozing of blood from victim’s bodies and less gore effects.

Interestingly, two years after its debut on 2008, Australia did allow the uncut version of GTA IV on all its retailers supporting PS3, Xbox 360 and PC rating it at MA15+.

GTA V Should Pass AU’s Classification Board

Using the premise above, there’s a big possibility it will be the same scenario for Grand Theft Auto V. While Rockstar Games haven’t announced anything for Australia, this won’t be the studio’s first rodeo with AU’s strict policies making it highly likely they’ll edit some parts of the game to fit the classification.

Upon searching for other sources, here’s a thread from GTAF sharing the same sentiments. Now, for the case of Saints Row 4, while the game is technically ‘banned’ on Australia, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your buddy send you the uncut version of the game as it’s allowed and SR4 is a region-free title.

So do you think GTA V will encounter problems with Australia’s classification board? Show your comment below.

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