Skyrim Guide: How To Do Infinite Sprint Without Losing Any Stamina

Posted on 07 December 2011 by author

Another day, another secret unfolded on Skyrim’s world. And for those who are wondering how you’ll be able to do infinite sprint on the game breaking the limits of your stamina, there’s a new trick in order to achieve it.

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Basically, you need to have a torch (one will do) which you can buy in town or get on any dungeons. To begin the glitch, you should consume your stamina first until it hits zero. After that, equip the torch and you press the sprint button once again. As you can see from the clip, you’ll be able to run hastily eventhough your stamina bar is already depleted, making this trick perfect for any of those who want to wander from different places fast without worrying about any stamina loss.

Of course, when you’re done, you should put away the torch before it runs out of fire. Interestingly, if you’ll look at the comments below, some players think Bethesda really put that glitch in the first place, which makes sense because running with a torch in your hand makes you look like the famous Mr. Olympian runner man — and yeah, he doesn’t lose any stamina too! Either way, you can bet this will be one of the glitches that won’t be patched out by the Beth in case the team decided to fix some of the exploits prevalent on Skyrim.


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