Sony HMZ-T1 (Personal 3D Viewer): Price and Release Date For Japan on 11-11-11

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Ladies and gents! It appears Sony’s interest is on a different level now and if you think its all about 3DTV, motion-sensor joysticks or any of such, you’ll be surprised to know the company’s new vision is all about implementing its first Virtual Reality headset and its working prototype is already in the land of the rising sun!

For those who are unaware, Sony has teased this project two months ago touting they already have the “means” to produce a real virtual-reality experience for players – something that’s leagues away from Virtua boy or any of those VR headsets we have on the late nineties.

The new head-mounting device is called HMZ-T1 and it comes with two 0.7-inch OLED screens with 1280×720 resolution – said to give users an experience of viewing a “750 inch television at a distance of 20 meters”. It also comes with a 5.1 Audio surround built-in on the device along with a processor (still concealed) and HDMI for wireless media streaming purposes.

This Personal 3D Viewer is certainly new this year but something a lot of companies have dropped their white-flags for the past decade since the technology of perfecting it is still not there yet. With this ambitious goal of Sony, we’re hoping the company would create a new “magical” device for players soon!

So far, there’s still no impression made telling how does it feel inside its VR world but since the device’s release date points out on 11-11-11 for Japan along with a price of 60k Yen ($783), we’re certain to hear the loud cheers or boos from the crowd who bought this.


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