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Posted on 12 June 2010 by author

Recently today, SCElabs uploaded of what you can call the first official launch trailer of the Sony Playstation 4. As you can recall, Sony before has announced that it won’t concentrate that much on changing the cell processors of the PS3, In fact they plan to recycle the old platform so they can improve it more and make it even faster. (The PowerXCell 8i is a 65nm chip, with support for 32GB of DDR2 memory and eight fully-functional SPEs (compared to seven on the PS3)

Okay here’s the trailer.

So far there are no official specs nor leaks about the new hardware of the PS4 although speculations has it, that it will obviously have an improve graphics card, faster memory, increase in space of storage and as you can see from the trailer, a possibility of 3D experience.


Anyway, it’s still too early to tell, to think that their recently launched, controller, Sony Move is just waiting around the corner. Expect to see more of these on the E3 event on June 15-17.

We’ll keep you guys updated.


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