Sony PS Move Hack: How Can it Replace your Mouse?

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In 2006, the whole gaming world was shaken by the release of the Nintendo Wii. Since then, motion control was on everybody’s mind. A few years later, Sony released its own version, the PlayStation Move. Like Nintendo’s approach, the Move requires the player to hold at least one controller. It has a glowing ball stuck on one end of the remote detected by a camera below the TV, while the Wii uses an infrared light above or below the screen detected and tracked by a camera in the Wii remote.

Microsoft also released its Kinect for the Xbox 360, which, after its first financial quarter in the market, became every PC hacker’s favourite due to a series of wonderful Kinect hacks coming out of the release of an open source community driver. These Kinect hacks seem to have made Sony jealous. Sony’s Dr. Richard Marks intended to give PC hackers access to every level of the Move hardware. They announced the Move Server Project, Move.Me to make it possible for the academe and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs. Rather than running directly on PC, Move.Me involves a special server on PS3 that records the actual input registered by the Move and transmits this data over a connected computer via network connection.

Move.Me library C was skillfully used by a guy named Jacob Pennock and constructed motion-controlled mouse driver for Move. He declared that control motions are transmitted through a recognition library called “hyperglyph” that records movements 98 percent accurate. Although Pennock hasn’t publicly released the code to his Move Linux mouse driver, his videos of using Move.Me software is described on his site. Some of the gestures include, launching Facebook with an “F”, starting videos with a “V”, and closing items with an “X”. Move.Me does not directly run on computers. It involves a PS3 server that records actual input by the Move and then transmits data over a computer via LAN.

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